Beach tails, would you wear them?

i just found this shit Beach tails, would you wear them?
who of you would actually wear this crap? xD and guys would you like it or not.
  • Girl: i would wear it/ Guy i like it
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  • Girl/guy: wtf is this shit?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Seems dumb but unless I'm blind, those girls aren't wearing one, right?

    • no xD i guess even the advertisement wasn´t brave enough to show people actually wearing it xD

    • Probably more like they couldn't convince them to wear it :P

    • yeah like people could easily confuse it with the tampon pull string dangeling out xD

Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmm... no i'd be into it. If I had a girlfriend wearing that i'd be tugging on it to tease her & shit. I mean, it doesn't exactly look comfortable but if its not really a big deal i'd be into seeing that.

    Actually, jewelry supports terrorism. So, probably you could do something decorative as long as you're not putting expensive shit down there.

    • jewelry supports terrorism? xD wtf man.

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    • I just don't find that to be good logic or a serious strategy for keeping oneself safe in society.

    • it´s not like with traffic accidents death you can kind of avoid by buckling up and driving carefully. you can´t predict when and where terrorism will happen. it doesn´t help knowing that it happened there before.

      however it´s pretty damn secure if you´re in the outskirts, suburbs or even rural areas. if you wanna be safe, go there. terrorism focuses on attention. if you are somewhere not many people pay attention to, then you´re good.

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  • The hell is that?

  • I'd have too pull it...

  • Hmmmmmmm baby ohhh baby I can just imagine myself sneaking behind a sexy girl then yank down her panty by that tail hmmmmmmm ohhhhh something standing and it's not my legs C=3 😋😋😋😋😮😮😝😝😜😜😜


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