Okay..so my boyfriend doesn't like my style. I really love it, but I want to make him happy too!

The things he picks out are just... kinda awful. lol

So what's a girl to do?


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  • That's not really fair of him to try to change your style...


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  • he has to like EVERY piece of you...if he is gonna want to change you, then dump him, he is not worth it. It will start with style (for as far as I can tell) then he will tell you to start acting a certian way, then laughing a certian way, then he will have complete control over you. But if he is not that kinda guy, then buy clothes that you both agree on. As long as they are not trashy lol

  • If he's trying to change your style,then you shouldn't be with him.

    You shouldn't compromise who you are for someone else.

    What is the style he's pushing onto you?

    • He just likes reeeallyy skimpy things, and sporty looking stuff. My style is more vintage.

    • Oh...skimpy isn't for everyone.There's no point in him trying to change your style

  • You shouldn't change who you are for your boyfriend. You may want to make him happy, but there's other things like keeping yourself happy first

  • Don't change yourself to make someone else happy.

    The way you dress is apart of who you are, unless you feel the need to change for yourself then I wouldn't.