What does it mean when he agrees with everything you say

this guy I like agrees with everything I say I told him his eyes were pretty he says he wishes they were blue I said yeah me too except I don't think it would work with my skin color he says I think it would, I asked him about an eyebrow ring and he says he thinks I should get it, wtf no guy would want me to mess up my face like that (although I want one) usually guys would be like oh don't do it so what's his deal


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  • hmmmmm

    First of all, not all periods are bad. Please use them and better grammar in general in future posts. ;p

    Why would getting an eyebrow ring ruin your face? If you don't like it, you can take it out.

    I doubt most people (male or female) would really care about whether you got an eyebrow piercing or not. Unless if you're working at a job that requires you not to have piercings on your face.

    In my experience, a guy who agrees with everything you say is trying to please you.


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  • I would say he's whipped try asking him to do stuff for you see if he listens he probably will


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  • lol this guy is the typical I don't really care about it. he obviously thinks your smart enough to make your decisions and doesn't think his opinion counts for much. it could be that or it could be that he wants you to hear what you want to hear.