How much height difference is too much?

OK well I have been talking with this girl lately and we hit it off really well. we have only hung out once and it wasn't for long but I am 6'6 and she is a little under 5'0. do you think it's too much of a height difference? I don't think it should affect my decision because I am in love with her personality but what do you think?


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  • My best friend is 4'11" and her boyfriends 6'7 or taller

    it looks weird, but at the same time they still look cute. Don't worry about it, if you like her then that's all that matters.

    • Thanks for the answer

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  • Reading the comments below trust me it doesn't make sex makes it interesting and fun...especially when you don't let your height get in the way of ex and I were tearing up the sheets and he's like 6'9'' to my 5'3''...Now you're in love with this girl so don't let people tell you anything about the height gonna get jokes like she looks like a baby next to you and is that you're kid we got them too but don't let other people's insecurities mess up what you want and let you give up on the girl you want

    • Thanks and I don't think I really need to worry about sex at this point. we aren't even dating yet and I usually have a three month rule before sex

    • That's good just continue to be yourself and the possibilities can be endless regardless of your height you are still a heart under flesh so good luck

  • It's a bit much. It might make sex weird, but hey if you like each other, then go for it

    • I think it would make sex a ittle more interesting haha

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    • I'm 19 inches taller so I don't know

    • It's weird during missionary position cause you can't comfortably kiss the girl. you have to bend over in an awkward way to do that. and kissing is a huge part of that. it doesn't make a different doggy style or girl on top though

  • My boyfriend has a full head over me. I'm very short compared to him and I've been with him for 6 months now. doesn't affect anythng. we joke about it alll the time. girls love tall guys. don't worry about itt.


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