Beautiful Girl Keeps Staring At Me?

There's this girl in my class who I always catch staring at me. I'm 100% sure she's staring at me because we make eye contact.

I have this class twice a week for 2 hours and this has been going on for over a month.

Every now and then I'll look at her but at least 5 times a class period I catch her looking at me and we make eye contact for like 5 seconds give or take. I believe she's caught me as well a few times but I usually turn to look at her and find that she's already staring at me. Sometimes she turns her head as soon as I catch her.

I've also thought about talking to her during after class but she usually jets out right after. I'm assuming if she wanted to talk to me she'd wait or at least slow down a bit right?

On a scale of 1-10 she's a very beautiful 8 or 9 and I'm at like 5 or 6. If it helps we are both Asian, she is shorter then I am by a maybe a foot, and we are in the same college class.

Now I'm not sure if she's interested in me or if she's just looking because I am and finds it creepy.

Please be completely honest. I would also appreciate a woman's perspective on this and if you could give your opinion on what my chances are.

Probability wise I feel like:

15% she's likes me or at least finds me somewhat attractive

15% just friendship or something similar.

70% she's not interested at all.


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  • It's obvious that she's interested in you but she's afraid to approach you for fear of rejection. You should approach her instead of waiting for her to approach you. You can ask her number from her friend or just say 'Hi' when you see her. Break the ice first. ^^ Good luck!

    • Are you sure because she seems to be way out of my league. That and a girl this beautiful has to have a boyfriend already right? Thank you for the help btw.

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    • Be more confident! You should move faster or you'll miss any possible chance of getting to know her.

    • Hey thanks for your help. I'm gonna try and make another topic so I can better explain my situation. I might be able to get more people to help that way. Doesn't seem like I can edit this one. I hope to see you there!.

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  • Dude its obvious that she likes you! ha ha the same thing happened to me in class

    (as in a kept accidentally making eye contact with this guy in my class) like literally over 20 times...but I guess we were both too shy so we never acted on it (different cliques and stuff). Yet my friend asked his good friend and he's like "Oh I'm sure he likes [my name]"

  • sit next to her next time or come to class earlier and sit down near her seat in order to approach her after class

    • Seems easy enough. Thanks I'll try that.

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  • She's Asian, you're Asian, it doesn't help the approachability at all in this circumstance. But you being the male, should make the move and just break the ice. If what you fear is rejection, then just take it as a man. If you have not been rejected by girls before, you will take it fairly personally, but trust me, learning and conquering the bitterness of being rejected is better than moping for the rest of your life over something which could have been easily turned into something else.

    • Yeah ha ha guess that was irrelevant. Thanks for your quick input dude.

    • My pleasure mate, good luck.

  • Just go to her...dnt waste time..she is the one !

    • Its possible. I feel something with this girl.