Ladies, what do you notice about a guy's smell?

Like not BO or anything because that's just nasty, but just generally the way he smells. When you can tell that it's a guy's scent and it's strong, not overpowering, not all cologney...I think I'm doing a really bad job of describing this. Say there's a guy you know who has a specific scent about him (again not like ass or BO or anything) and you could know the smell was his and know that it's a guy's if you just smelled it on a piece of clothing or something. What does that say about the guy to you?


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  • if the smell is sweet then I think it shows he has a nice innocent and soft side if its more strong it tells he's more mature and manly but watch out with the strong ones because they don't always smell good.. its good to have a specific scent because wen ever your girl or friend smells that scent on someone else she will not stop thinking about you I'm a girl and that has happened to me lol!

    • Yeah I'm just trying to figure it out because a bunch of girls I know tell me that I smell (not in a bad way I made damn good sure of that), and this one girl I offered to lend a hoodie to was all "I can't take that it smells like you, my mom will know it's a guy's". And another girl I was hanging out with while shopping knows my smell to the extent that she picked through a rack of scented candles and found one that apparently smells like me.

    • there you go that's a good sign lol I love borowing stuff from guys wen they have a good sent and there's speciefic guys that I can tell wen they have been in the same class or room before I was or wen they come in the room I think its a total turn on wen a guy "smells (good)"

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  • I know what you're describing...and it is hard to describe :). A guys scent can actually turn me on, especially if I can smell it on my clothes when he's not with me. Apparently what I'm smelling is a man's pheromones, chemicals which can be smelt...if woman find a man's natural scent appealing they're reacting to a biological response.

    So if I like how a guy naturally smells then he is a good mate for me apparently...

    Although, there's something about being under a guy, if he smells good you're just gonna want to be closer anyway...

  • Its just him, kinda hard to explain.

    Its almost like a reminder that, that person is in your life. If they aren't around even for a day and you happen to catch a whiff then you find yourself thinkig of them. I know my guy and it just makes me calm because he is so level headed and can always make me feel better.

  • If I can recognize a dude by his scent then that means I'm really enchanted by him.


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