Are these Chelsea boots? are they for men or women?

Do they look good quality or bad?Are these Chelsea boots? are they for men or women?
Sorry for picture being side ways. Are these for guys? 😐
Ok I think they were for girls and no I didn’t buy them today. I just saw them today in the shop


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  • Those are Chelsea Boots, but you should go with something nicer, if you can. Black is good, but go with a shiny leather.

    • I have a question, I did try a few boots on, accidentally they were female so if size 8 fit me that means I’m a size 8 in men size too yeah? It been a while since I brought shoes haha

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    • TMF and Alpha are good... I never cared much for Alex Acosta, he dresses like a rich high schooler in my opinion. My life improved dramatically once I started to understand my clothing. I wear things with a lot more confidence now, but perhaps more importantly, I understand why I am wearing what I'm wearing.

  • I think both genders can wear them

    • Thanks for MHO

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    • You are a braver man than me - I would't buy anything without trying it on first

    • Yeah I know

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