Guys: Do you prefer hair with a middle part, or a side part?

and what do you think of fringes. front, side, none?


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  • Side for that crucial hair flick. Devastating!


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  • Maybe you're focusing too much on minor details. It doesn't matter. BUT, if you're just randomly curious, here's my opinion

    I like Rachel Leigh Cook's hair, check it out.

    Also, a side part is kind of hot because of the whole 'hair over your eyes thing' that sort of makes a guy do a full body shudder (bite your lip a little at the same time and it's ridiculous)

    • No I'm not, I was just curious.

      I "Googled" her, she's had about 100 different hairstyles. Which one :S

      And thanks for answering. I shall keep that in mine ;)

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    • Yeah, I'm just messin' around. Yeah, her hair looks amazing in that movie.

    • LOL. my hair used to be like that, until I cut it again. now its grown but stil a bit shorter than that. I used to do the whole flicky thing with tonnes of hairspray xD

What Girls Said 2

  • Side, I wear bangs so middle parts make them weird lookin'

  • Middle partings make people look like children, I think.


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