Girlfriend trying to change me. what would you guys do in this situation?

so, I have a girlfriend that is trying to change my style pretty much. she wants me to change my clothing and the way I do my hair. should give in or not? I really don't like what she's recommending me, but at the same time, what will she think if I tell her no? has anyone been in this situation where your significant other is trying to change who you are? in terms of aesthetics/looks. I mean, I don't think she thinks I look bad or anything. otherwise she wouldn't have become my girlfriend right?


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  • Did she just say "I'd like you to dress nicer." or something more along the lines of "You should wear this."?

    Personally I feel if she demanding you should tell her no.

    If she's asking. Find out why she wants you to do something and decide if the logic behind it is reasonable for you.

    • she said it more of a recommendation. something along the lines of: you SHOULD wear your hair like this..." what do you think she could be thinking of me?

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    • Just tell her that. Acknowledge that you understand what she wants then explain what you want. When it comes right down to it, were talking about you, so whatever your decision its the right one.

    • ive said stuff like you should wear X more often and stuff like that to my boyfriend but I would never actually be mad or take it the wrong way if he didn't want to... for me it was just more like a "i think you'd look hot like this" type of thing, but either way I love the way he looks no matter what!

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  • if you don't like it then don't change, she should like your personality much more then your appearance!


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  • i have long hair and once cut it for a girlfriend. she dumped me a couple months later. if you like the way you look, don't change it.


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