Do men notice a girls' nails?

DO you notice nails? Now, primarily, I'm talking about nail shape, not the nail polish /in this question, nail polish is secondary.../

If you do notice them - which ones do you like more:

1) link

2) link

-they're even the similar color... haha

(I didn't put any 'dragon lady' nails because they're just nasty... xD, but if you like those you can choose them as well; link -this one is No.3.

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  • I love a woman's hands. Nails done right on a girl look beautiful.

    I didn't really care for the nails in the photos posted. I like nails that have jewels in them or swirls or kind of skin-tone color or clear. One color nails like in the photos don't really do anything for me.

    • I really don't like girls with HUGGE nails or really short bitten to the nub nails. Mine are right in the middle, maybe a wee bit long (not like the women in guinness world book records LOL)

      That is what I think :)

    • But I said to ignore the color of the nails...I said to look at the length and type of nail.

      The first ones are kinda bitten and shorter than usual nails, the second ones are the usual-more sophisticated nails, and the third are just nasty... hahaha

    • OK, #2 for the nails then. I'll take #1 for Eva Mendes tho =)

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  • I like 2-3.

    I love them! I notice and guess I have a thing for hands (and feet to some extent). They make a hand look beautiful, elegant, professional, and shows me a girl wants to take care of and pamper herself. I also find it to be a huge turn on in the bedroom! They feel amazing!

    Depends on the situation or event. I like French but that can look boring after awhile. I love simple hot reds, pinks, neutrals, silver.

  • Oh Yeahhh! I love girl's nails that are nicely shaped and polished. They're so wonderfully feminine and attractive, and sexy!

    Chipped and short nails on girls is a turn-off for me.

  • a) I have a serious fetish for girls' nails. I love pretty hands and pretty hands HAVE to have pretty fingers and nails.

    b) From the links, 2 is P E R F E C T ! And including the color. That nail color makes me look at her nails and admire them endlessly.

    c) Too short or too long, both are gross.

  • Depends on the situation, if we're not actively talking and you're just looking at her then you're more likely to apreciate some of the finer details of her apearence like the nails, hands, and those cute little freckels... if you're talking to her though and you're really into it then you're probably going to focus on her face.

  • no I don't really notice them unless I'm rate beside her and up close but most of the time I'm far away

  • I can't see pic two, so I would go with pic 3 over 1. It looks more professional and she looks confident. Very attractive!

  • I was expecting a "yes" and "no" question. Cause I was ready to hit "no"

    Pretty sure no guy looks or cares about nails.

  • I am usually looking at her boobs


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