What's Your Definition On Beautiful, Sexy, Handsome etc?

I would like to hear your definitions on it. #Beauty Here's mine:

Beautiful = When a person is extremely nice to look at. A beautiful person (8+/10) looks better than a pretty one (7+/10). I'm only using the term about physical appearance of people, art, nature etc. It's more often used about women because of men prefer another term.

Handsome = Similar as beautiful, but used about men instead. "Good/nice looking" is a more general term like "pretty" and are used about nice looking people who aren't good looking enough to be handsome.

Sexy = Used about people with a good appearance, but in a dating or sexual context. They usually tends to behave a certain way to show off their attractiveness more too that makes them even sexier. All sexy people are pretty/good looking, but not all pretty/good looking people are sexy (because of bad flirting, mannerism, vibe or the way they behave).

Hot = Same as sexy, but used in a less sexual context.

Attractive = May be used about appearance as in "physical attractive" which mean you're sexually attracted to that person too, not only finding them beautiful/handsome. But it can also be used about desirable traits like personality, smell, grooming, humor etc. For many people not all attractive people looks like models and not all beauties have an attractive personality.

Cute = I use it about people (or someone/something) who's either youthful/childish, very feminine, innocent or people who looks a bit better than the average, but aren't nice looking enough to be considered pretty/good looking. It all depends on the context I use the word in. It may be used about both looks and behavior. It's possible to be both cute, attractive and beautiful/handsome at the same time, but it's also possible to be cute without any of the other things and visa versa.

Someone doing something sweet/kind are also considered cute. E. g. if they buys some flowers.

What's Your Definition On Beautiful, Sexy, Handsome etc?
What's Your Definition On Beautiful, Sexy, Handsome etc?
What's Your Definition On Beautiful, Sexy, Handsome etc?
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