What's your definition of cute?

In terms of physical appearances, how do you define cute?

I'm quite short(almost 5'1") and I'm more likely to be called cute by men then good looking or attractive. Personally, I think calling someone cute(anyone who is older then 10) is a very polite way of telling them that they are fugly because let's face it, if a person, whether it be a man or a woman had to choose which one they would rather be classified as, they would want to be beautiful/handsome, attractive, sexy, etc. not cute.

Calling a pet or a human baby cute is fine but not when a person is an adult.

So, guys and girls. What is your definition of cute and if you had to choose, would you rather be called cute or adorable by the opposite sex or would you rather be called a sexy, attractive hottie?


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  • Cute is the highest compliment from me. I don't really know how to describe my definition of cute, but I would only call a girl that if she was very beautiful and innocent looking.

    • Very interesting! If anything, I would've thought that being called beautiful or sexy would be higher up then cute.

    • Hot, sexy, or anything like that is not, for me, above cute or beautiful. A lot of women can be hot or sexy, but not all of them have the certain quality I'm looking for. Beautiful, gorgeous, divine, or anything along those lines are basically on the same level as cute to me.

    • You do have a good point there. It certainly makes a person think differently about it which is what I was looking for.


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  • In my opinion, cute is better than hot. So id have to disagree with you on that.

    However, id say Short, curly brown hair, and glasses are probably the 3 "cutest" things I can think of, but as always, it all depends on what they look like.

    • I think the reason you may think cute is better then hot is because you're not being called cute all of the time. If being called cute was a rarity for me then I would probably feel the same way you do but unfortunately, that's not the case. lol

  • Cute is the best for me, if I tell a girl she is cute, it means that I really like her, and I would definitely date her.
    My definition of cute would be:
    Short, under 5'4, thin but not to much, medium lenght hair with bangs (color doesn't matter).
    Big glasses are really cute too, and I like when she smiles that her eyes are almost closed, not perfect teeth, cheeky face, and pale skin.
    Also I like when she doesn't walk in a sexy way or something, more naturally way, when she looks inocent and about the clothes, jeans, hoodie and shoes like vans or converse are perfect.
    Oh, almost forgot, when she the sleeves are too long that cover her hands.
    I think that is almost my definition of a perfect cute girl c:
    Pd: sry if I said something that doesn't make sense, I'm not native English speaker.


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  • Haha, I'm also 5'1" xD

    I've been called cute a lot, and honestly I don't really mind it. But then again, I've also been called other things. For me, I think the best adjective would be (if they REALLY meant it, of course) would be gorgeous.

    But honestly, I'd rather be "cute" than "sexy, attractive hottie" because I just feel like the latter is just describing someone who just wants action and not a relationship . . . augh, I'm probably reading too much into this but still!

    • I used the word "hottie" because from talking to some of the women I know, that's what they would want to be called. As I said below in a comment to another person's post, I would much rather be classified as beautiful because it's considered as good looking and attractive yet classy whereas cute to me, is something you would call a puppy or kitten. lol

  • I get called cute all the time! Hahah I think it's because I'm very innocent looking, I still don't really like being called cute but from what I've heard it's a good thing to be. An no it doesn't mean your ugly, Hun I think I'm very pretty and I'm called cute so take that how you please :)

    • That's what I'm told to! It's because I look innocent and not to mention younger then my age.

      You're right, you are pretty and I certainly didn't direct the "fugly" towards you or anyone else. That's how being called cute makes me feel. A few days ago, an older man had told me that I'm beautiful and it blew me away because I don't hear that often! I'd rather be called beautiful then cute anyday. :)