Why does he sometimes look surprised to see me?

I used to like this guy at school and he found out that I liked him last year. This school year sometimes he looks surprised to see me in the hallways, his facial expression changes. He shouldn't be, we do go to the same school lol. Also, sometimes when I end up behind him he looks back to check if it's me and looks directly into my eyes. I absolutely know he doesn't like me. Is he paranoid or something? Dose my presence bother him? I hope I don't scare the poor guy or anything.
I don't like him anymore by the way, but I'm not sure if he realizes that or not.


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  • He likes you., trust me.

    If I look a girl in their eyes, is becouse I want a connection. And if she hold it.. Got it.. easy corporal language.

    And you like how him look at you?..

    know him, maybe are some good thinks to share. and if not. why you are here writing this.?

    Think about it,.


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  • I honestly think you are over exaggerating and let me tell you why, its been a year and you haven't heard him say anything about you, are you sure you're the only girl that gets these looks and guys don't usually like hanging on to stuff like that.

    • When he found out that I liked him, he asked my friend about me . From what she told me it sounded like he wanted to talk to me. I was embarrassed so I avoided talking to him. He started staring at me a lot after that and sometime still dose it now. I figured he wouldn't hng on to it this long, so I figured that I must creep him out.

    • Well you didn't mention that ha ha I'm sure he's just nervous and doesn't have the courage to ask you out

  • if a guy has no interest at all, he wouldn't be making eye contact (like that). He's probably don't know what to do next.


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