He looks at me often but with a surprised look on his face...why?

I understand there's various possible reasons behind eye contact between two people, but this guy makes it with me every day and looks me right in the eyes with an almost surprised look on his face. I haven't ever smiled at him so I think that might be why he doesn't, but he doesn't look mean, just always surprised. any thoughts on this?


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  • maybe he is surprised BECAUSE your NOT smiling at him...smile dammit

    • That could be true. I will...thankis dammit

    • Ha! Don't do anything for the sake of expedience. Don't fake it!

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  • It's a mystery to me. But why not confront him about it. Ask what's going on dude?

  • maybe he gets surprised when you catch him looking at you. happens to me too, so he may be the shy type. when I'm looking at a girl and she turns and happens to see me, I look away real quick. is that what he does?

    • I know what you are talking about, and he does seem shy but he doesn't look away quickly like he will pass by my classroom and stare directly at me the whole time as he passes by. The best way I can describe his face is he just looks wide eyed...I would say surprised, but he sees me daily so I mean how many times could I surprise him when he knows he'll see me haha?

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    • I actually do kinda like this guy although we haven't talked so I was thinking of going up to him and introducing myself next week

    • Go for it, I'm sure he'll be excited that you actually feel the same for him. its always great when people find out someone likes them lol

  • It's probably as simple as something about you interests him, do you like him? Do you ever talk, and if you don't why not? It sounds like you don't really know him that well, you could always just ask him why he looks so surprised. :P

    And just a thought, why not smile? See what he does. :)

    • Haha thank you for the advice and I will try smiling!:)

    • I have a coworker that does that to me too. He like raises his eyebrows and does like a little smile kinda thing. I take it that that's his way of saying hi. What, do you expect him to wave? Especially if there are other people around, he may not want to say hello but just to acknowledge that he acknowledges your presence if that makes sense.

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  • Ohhh yes... I know the exact look you mean. Its almost a dazed and surprised look at the same time... kind of, soft, but staring at the same time. Its hard to describe it, because it contradicts itself but I know what you mean.

    Either he naturally had a wide-eyed look, or he thinks you're breathtaking. ;)

  • he probably is really into you and likes you a lot. That's probably why. When I first met my boyfriend, he'd always have this look on his face to just see me and then turn away. hmm maybe talk to him about it? Sounds like a crush to me.

  • This is happening to me to! Like when I walk through the doors at school, and he's at his locker, he'll just stare, mouth kinda open, eyes get big.. and it looks exactly like he's surprised! Well I'm trying to figure this out as well in my case, but as far as advice, I would try smiling when he does the "surprise stare"... and let me tell you, I've done the smiling and they become even more shocked, but all guys are different.. so still try it! :)

    • Haha you described the "look" perfectly...i'm definetely going to smile though next time I see him! :)thanks for the advice!

    • I personally think that he likes you because I read this article and it says rhat when a guy likes you one sign is that their eyes dialate.

  • Maybe, he is starting to think abotu whether something could happen between the two of you. Or he could already like you and he is simply trying to see if he can get a reaction out of you by acting a different way to see if you notice.

    • I really appreciate your response! Thanks so much !

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