I catch him looking/staring at me often, but when I meet his eye, he looks away...what does that mean?

So I've liked this guy for a couple of years now...we go to the same church, but the thing is, he's not religious or anything. He's a druggie, and his parents basically force him to come. I, myself, am not religious either; and I also only go because my parents force me...but I'm not a druggie or anything.

Anyway, he's two years older than me, and..*surprise*.. he also goes to my school. I'm a sophomore and he's a senior. Normally, we wouldn't have noticed each other, but since we also go to the same church...we're familiar with each others faces.

He seems pretty quiet and shy(in fact, he said so himself that he's really shy), and I look at him often, but I don't think I've made myself that obvious, though he HAS caught me staring at him before. (Did I mention I'm shy and sort of insecure? People tell me I'm really pretty, but I don't believe anyone, for some reason I don't know why)

Anyway, the first year I started liking him, I don't remember if he looked at me too ... but I think he used to glance at me every now and then. This year, however, he stares at me more often, for some reason. I see him more often as well.

And nowadays, I catch him looking at me, not the other way around. And when I catch him, he quickly looks away, and there are times when I feel like he's ignoring my presence on purpose...like, when we're walking in the halls, I can tell that he knows I'm there, but he looks at the ground or turns his head in a way so that it'll seem like he doesn't see me.

I added him on Facebook a long time ago, and he accepted, but we have never actually talked. Something about his eyes really attracts me though, the expression in them or something. you know, it being the windows to his heart or w/e. I like what I see in his eyes(the emotion), but I'm not sure what exactly it is that I see.

...I just feel this tension between us, but I don't know maybe I'm just imagining it.

oh, and just so you all know, the guy doesn't have a staring problem or anything. in fact, he talks to girlfriends and all that, but I don't ever see him giving random stares to random girls - and my friends haven't seen anything like that either.

We haven't ever officially acknowledged each other before, but even if I'm imagining the stares, I know for sure that he knows I exist. (P.S. I don't think I'm imagining the stares..just a few days ago, he did a full 360 to turn around and look in our direction, and a few days before that, I was walking along ALONE after school, and I felt some one staring at me, and I glanced to my right and saw him standing there just looking at me..kinda weird, I know).

And he has this other friend who goes both to our church and to our school, and that friends knows me way longer than the guy I like...and basically, he looks at me too sometimes, but it's a different type of stare..or I don't know maybe its just me, I find one guy's stares better cause I like him, and the other guy's stares not-the-same because I don't think of him that way.

so anyway...that's it. help!


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  • I think that this guy is really shy. Trust me, I know that guys can be quite evasive when they're shy, esp. the part when yall walked down the hall & he looked completely away from you.

    It's easy to interpret overt shyness with lack of interest. Imo, this guy likes you, but is REALLY shy. I say you should be the bold one & go talk to him. :)

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    • As sad at that reply was, it was hilarious LOL. think you can actually reply now? :D

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