Cute guys and hot guys?

Okay I keep hearing from girls that cute guys are only pretty faced guys that are nice/ sweet but really nothing more. Hot guys have the nice body and good looks and end up being the guys that girls WANT.

basically to girls Cute = someone you'd think is cute but only a friend. Hot = someone she wants.


Anyway, what would you think if a guy was both features, girls? I was always called cute by girls when I was younger. I just had an attractive face, hair, smile, and eyes.

Over the years I've worked out a lot and now have a really leaned and muscular physique.

So what about guys who are cute and hot?


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  • I prefer cute and nice guy. But the most important thing is not your appearance but the way you treat other people.


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  • I think cute is the best thing to call a guy of course you can both be cute and sexy but cute is definitely the best compliment i could give to a guy 'cause it describes both the appearance and the personnality.

  • Not me, I'd rather have a guy I considered "cute" than "hot." My boyfriend is cute, but I wouldn't call him hot, not by your definition anyway. Sure hot guys are nice to look at, but that's about all there is to it most of the time. Most hot guys are really arrogant, and I can't stand that. I'd much rather have a guy who was cute and had a sweet personality. I love how adorable my boyfriend is :) I'd never leave him for a "hot" guy.

  • I don't really like to use either of those, I use handsome mostly. Handsome means so many things to me. If I call you handsome, you're pretty special.

  • Hot is more sexy, cute is good looking but not necessarily sexy.

    • I agree a cute guy can be sexy but what make that guy able to keep a girl is because he is cute. As in he is sweet and just knows the right things to say.

  • cute


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