Wearing thongs? women vs men? your opinion?

A woman wears thong, makes her feel sexier and more confident, no panty lines, and some find them to be more comfortable, totally fine, I mean thongs were made for women weren't they? A guy wears them, it's creepy, weird and they are gay? doesn't really make much sense to me but ok

I've been wearing thongs for many years, I'm 100% straight, I guess it is a little weird especially since I only wear women's thongs, never worn men's thongs before, I find buying women's less embarrassing. Most of my underwear are thongs I only have a few pairs of boxers, I find thongs to be very sexy and some very comfy to wear as well. I understand why women wear them, quite a turn on for me, they look hot wearing them, and on some I find panty lines from full back panties to be sexy as well so I don't know why some try to hide them lol I wanted to start wearing them when I was a teenager but I had no way of getting my own, I mostly only wear them when I'm at home because I fear I might get caught by someone I know if I go out, if I had gotten them when I was a teenager I would most likely wear nothing but thongs right now. I would be so used to them by now and comfortable wearing them on a daily basis and maybe not feel as embarrassed going out

A few guys where I work I know wear them, I never seen them though but I heard from other who have, and they get a lot of crap from these guy just because of the type of underwear they have on? I know they are straight too, they are married and have kids and these guys are acting like it's a big deal, as if they have never done anything weird or embarrassing that they would care to admit. One guy I work with a few weeks ago was asked if he wears thongs and his answers was "No, I'm not gay" and I don't get how wearing a thongs makes a guy automatically gay. So now we can't even wear a piece of clothing that was originally made for guys?
Wearing thongs? women vs men? your opinion?
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