What does it mean when a girl says your cute and when your hot?

I would like to know the difference is when a girl says your cute and when a girl says your hot? I know it means two different things and I am just courious and just need to know.

thank you.


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  • Where I am from:

    Cute is for relationship guys, guys you would date (who are attractive - like good looking), and they are a 'good boy' (like opposite of a bad boy), also if its not just based on looks, can mean they are sweet, or are just really (have a good personality)

    Hot is for guys that look good, really good, but usually refers to ass-holes who you would have a fling with, or 'get with'., but not have a relationship with - players are typically hot. Hot guys are usually 'eye candy', also, most of the time, they are 'bad boys'..

    Also age can make a difference to which one you get, for example a guy could have all the qualities for being 'hot' but may be quite a few years younger, therefore is more 'cute'...


    • I also forgot:

      Hot guys are usually more sexually attractive, like typically you would crush on cute guys, but hot guys you feel sexually attracted to (hence the 'get with')


      Usually, if a guy is cute, that's all he ever will be, (unless he does some crazy makeover haha), BUT hot guys can be changed to cute (like be started to be called cute instead of hot - either because the person got to know them better and found out they were not an ass and could be cute sometimes, or they did a

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    • so is it a good thing to be cute or hot in your opinion and when you said a guy will be cute and a guy will be hot that is true because that's what every girl says is that I'm really cute and like I said I was just wondering so?

    • ummm, well both are good, it all depends on what your looking for..

      both mean she is attracted to you, one is just more sexual and purely looks (hot), and the other is more personality (looks are important too though) and are more emotionally attractive.

      So basically, if your looking for a relationship - cute is good

      If your looking to hook up - hot is good

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  • For girls we call the decent guys cute because they are the good guys, great personality, sense of humour and completely boyfriend material to us. The hot guys with the really great muscley hot bodies that workout in the gym a lot are just the ones we lust over sexually, we know those are the bad guys that are jsut shallow and self-centred and just looking for sex. I call the decent guys cute because well they are with how adorable they are being so sweet, caring, understanding and cuddly :).

  • For me

    cute = jump you

    hot = someday I'll get sick of your sh*t. for every hot guy there's at least one chick who's tired of his bs

  • Ok, as far as I'm concerned:

    Cute = you're pretty attractive, maybe in a boyish way, maybe in an adorable way, but she wouldn't go as far as to call you hot.

    Hot = you are sexually attractive, she sees herself being sexually involved with you, you bring up feelings that a girl doesn't feel when she calls you "cute," necessarily.

    Of course girls are different, they use the terms interchangeably.


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  • well win a gril tell think you cute it she like you but she may be shy to tell you how she fill,s grl,s that tell,s that you hot what you too ask her out.that it and take it from me ask them out see what happens you may find out that fill the same way you do cute and hot are the same so step up and be you,r self and ask tham out


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