Opinion and tips on how to recover from texting a guy too much?

So I'm kinda guilty for texting a guy too much... I am mortified beyond words but I like this guy so much I don't know what to do with myself. We've previously had a bust up and I think were cool again but now I think I'm getting on his nerves by texting him too much. I sent a text earlier today and just said you still my friend? And I got ignored... Do I need to take the hint here? Can I do anything to recover from making myself looking like an utter t**t. Although I think I may have done the damage now?


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  • Yeah I wouldn't text anymore. It's making you look bad, and even pathetic in his eyes. I've been where you are, please stop and save face. Don't listen to the other answers saying "just be upfront", that will only further annoy the guy, plus you'll feel like a fool when he doesn't respond or responds with "k". Wait for him. If he doesn't come around screw him (not literally) and find one of the many other millions of guys. My guess is he's just not into you. I text girls I like back pretty quick.

    • Omg - good point. I'm definitely not pathetic. But sometimes bein upfront is the only way! I would rather him turn round and tell me to do one lol because then at least I know and plus I have nothing to lose sooooo... I haven't done anything yet anyway lol so will leave it for now... Thanks for your advice

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    • Oh definitely. I see your point. I will keep myself busy in the mean time and just do my thing. Great points you have made there. I really appreciate a guys pov. So I have taken your points on board. If he wants to talk he will and if he doesn't then so be it.

    • I agree with this one. A guy doesn't want to sit down and have a talk about texting too much. I know as women, we over think a lot. I know it's tempting but stop for now. If you don't have his # memorized, delete it. If he texts he texts..

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  • I think you should talk to him so he understands you like him and love to text you seem fun! so just let him know... give him a couple days then send another and just say hey so are you reading my texts.. just be upfront


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