Are you caring about your looks during this pandemic?

Are you caring about your looks during this pandemic?
I mean since itis very difficult to hang out socially, like going to parties, concerts and most people work from home. Possibly you are not paying that much emphasis now on how do you look and buy new clothes, new shoes, etc,. to show off, cause it is unlikely you can really attend social events, such as parties, weddings, and other type of social events and in the case you work from home, you do not even have anyone to see you so buying new wardrobe or news shoes is not really a top priorit for t he last months y and in fact you are saving money by not buying clothes or shoes or anything like that or you still care for your looks now?

In my case m currently unemployed but I was anyway before the pandemic started in my country 4 months before and since I was unemployed and I still haven't found a job and for this pandemic I hardly go out like soclally I mean, I haven't bought new clothes or buy shoes, or even new make up since I was unemployed in Nov 2019, Im not spending money on clothes, make up or shoes anymore and in the case I go out socially (which im not doing anyway cause Im taking care of my self), so I had been saving money on that field.

What about you?
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Since im at home most of the time Im not caring about how I look, im always with my washed face no make up, in shorts. not buying any clothes either cause i dont see a reason why.
Are you caring about your looks during this pandemic?
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