I'm afraid to go out without makeup, but I REALLY want to. What should I do?

i am VERY self conscious when it comes to me wearing no makeup. my skin is uneven, I'm pale and my cheeks and nose get really rosey. I have sensitive skin so I break out easily and it is embarrassing (not severly break out just a little bit). I hear from guys they prefer natural over makeup, and that its better looking. but I'm so so SCARED to go without makeup. I really applaud girls who go around without it all the time, it shows how confident they are and how much they love how they look. but for some reason I'm scared that if I go without makeup someone will say something or people will wonder "why is she completely natural, does she think she's so hot she doesn't need makeup? who does she think she is? she must think she's hot and is probably conceited. " I have REALLY bad luck with a$$holes saying things to me. in 12 grade I remember I woke up really late and didn't have time to put on makeup so I threw my hair into a ponytail and dressed cute but had on no makeup, and this guy asked why I wasn't wearing makeup and said something similar to "you think you look nice enough to go without makeup?" (not exact words though) and laughed. I felt so so bad. so here's my question, do people really see a girl without makeup and think "ewwww" or "she should put on a little foundation" or "why does she think she's hot enough to go without it? she isnt". is anyone else afraid to go without? any opinions?


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  • When I see girls like that I want to bring them over to the nearest makeup counter and do their makeup for them. I an a beauty junkie and have worked on my technique for years. But I would never say anything mean or even just give them a bad look, anything like that is beyond rude. If it is a close friend of mine I might recommend a product that would "make them look even cuter." don't listen to guys who prefer natural, they don't know how to spot really well done makeup. They think girls like link aren't wearing anything other than eye makeup. Yeah right, she has a full face on for the cameras. One group did an experiment showing men pictures of beautiful women and guessing if they were wearing makeup. Half the time they thought the girl wasn't wearing makeup when she was and when they thought she was wearing makeup they were asked what products they thought she had used. They thought she was only wearing lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner. Sad but true, guys like girls who make the effort in their appearance. I almost never go out without any makeup except for when walking the dog or something. You don't have to do a full face everyday. I don't always wear foundation because at work I would just sweat it off. I always make sure to use concealer and some eye makeup though. Take an interest in it as an art, try all sorts if new and fun looks to keep it from being a chore. Makeup is a lot of fun and it gives me the extra confidence boost I need sometimes. Anyways, we are lucky to be women! Guys with the same skin issues as us just have to let It show but us girls have the gift of makeup. Hope this helps!


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  • I used to have the same problem when i was younger, but then again you need to keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether or not you put the make up, they will always talk. pick up courage and walk out without makeup, do what makes you happy and live your life for you. The moment you start caring of what other people think of you, lol you will never find inner peace.

  • I Know exactly how you feel. Honestlyyou need to do you and make yourself feel comfortable before pleasing others

  • okay so I kinda have the same problem as you (uneven skin tone mainly)

    you do not have to go out with a bare face if you dot want to use a bit of concealer or foundation only where needed and epp the rest of yur face natural like a clear mascara or brown 9your choice)and lip balm or a tinted lip stain even if you deccid eto go out witout make up ignore the rude comments and don't let them get to you!

    hope this helps (;


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