O ring stuck in ear, what should I do?

I noticed that my o ring from my earring was in my ear. I just thought the soreness was because the right ear always takes longer to get accustomed to jewelry. It has been in there a few days I a m guessing. I was able to push some of it out but I stopped when I started bleeding. Has this happened to anyone? What should I do?
oh by the way, I just started at 14g (put them in on the 8th)


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  • Hey, I don't know if your still trying to figure this out. But, from my experience ''I had the same thing happen to me''. What I did is, Spray it with aftercare spray, a few times. After, I slowly pushed the tunnel, Little by little it popped back out the other side, and then I put the tunnel back in. You just need patience or see your piercer.

  • well, I had a tongue piercing get pulled through to were the bead was stuck inside my tongue. the only thing to do is to push it out and then treat it like a fresh piercing until it heals up again.

    • I ended up pushing it out once the bleeding stopped. It bled a little more but it hurts like hell now.

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