Ear piercing-How do I not chicken out?

I'm going to get my ears pierced tomorrow and I don't want to chicken out again. I haven't gotten them done since I play soccer and I really want them since I've stopped playing for winter. I might have a high pain tolerance? (shots don't hurt) Anyways do you have any tips for not to be scared? I'm getting it done a Piercing Pagoda (I know a needle is better but I have no choice). Thanks for your help :)


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  • Go to a professional place, they do it with a gun and it's fast! super fast! Just close your eyes and sing something in your head your favorite song or recite something, while they do it, and it'll be done before you even know it!!

  • Just do it. It only hurts of a little bit. Its not even that bad at all. You go girl!!

  • You know, I'm in the same boat as you girlfriend. You just can't over think it. You just have to realize that the pain barely lasts a few seconds, if that.

    I've never heard of the piercing you are talking about though. Care to explain?

    • Thanks for helpful words!

      So the piercing I'm talking about is with a piercing gun and I'm getting it done at a place called Piercing Pagoda which is a little jewelry/ear piercing place. Hope I explained it a little better :)

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    • Thank you a ton for all of the useful insight! :D

    • No problem :-)

  • They used a gun on me, and it was real quick!! Only takes like four seconds.
    Just relax and think of something happy to distract yourself :)

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