Ladies: Pretty Boy, Tough Guy, or Nerdy Guy?

Okay, would you date a pretty boy, a tough guy, or a nerdy/geeky guy?

I ask this provided their personality is within what you are attracted to besides this general ascertainment...

I can say I am a weird hybrid of tough guy and a geeky guy... LOL
  • Definitely the pretty boy!
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  • Definitely the tough guy!
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  • Definitely the Geek/Nerd!
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  • None of the above....
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So there must be a lot of guys out there that like geeky guys... Considering I am talking about womens' preferences in guys...


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  • a bit of each in one person

    • Explain please? Give me a reason for that...

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    • Understandable... But you don't have to be a pretty boy to have good hygene...

    • true then a combo of the other two +dressing well and good hygiene

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  • Definitely mix between B and C. I can't stand imbeciles and I can't stand people who can't stand up for themselves or are douche bags and pick on other people. B and C balance each other out, I believe.

    • Ah, so you say I am balanced? :P

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    • Good for you. Not many have such a view of themselves.

    • Just a form of my cynicism shining through... For example, something I always say: "There ain't much difference between friends and enemies... You always have someone thinking of you..."

      As I said, I am a bit indifferent if I am accepted of others or not. It ain't something that presses me.

  • Well, um...If you are referring to nerd as in, mummy's boy style than no. But if he is educated and he is a pretty boy haha, can I have his number?

    I wouldn't look twice at a tough guy.

  • I'm not really into any of those options. I did like a "pretty boy" back in freshmen year of high school, but he was considered a geek to most people in school. In fact, barely anyone knew his name. He was a hidden cutie, and he was so sweet to me(: All that changed the following year when he became popular. He was now that "popular pretty boy." He started dressing the latest style and acted like a douche.

    Moral of the story: no more pretty boys and no more geeks. Don't even get me started on "tough guys."

    • Hmm... Elaborate...

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    • prove he's more of a "man." It just tells me he's being stupid and doesn't care about anything. When it came down to him having feelings for me, he would always talk big on the phone by saying he could say or do anything to me, but in person, he never made a move. He would just sit on a different couch or be on phone. It's not that I like him in that way anyway, but don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.

    • Meh... real tough guys don't need to prove their toughness all the time. The foolhardy lemming dumb asses are the ones that need to prove their worth. I am well aware of my capabilities. I know what to do if someone points a gun to my head. Had it happen once before... I took the gun from the guy. I have been trained to do certain things. But I don't go around flexing muscle because I want to be noticed... I am the type of tough guy that says nothing, and act only when necessary.

  • I went out with a pretty boy, it lasted 2 months- he was just too in love with himself! I've been out with a tough guy and that lasted around 6 months, although I will admit they were a good six months.. But then he cheated on me. I'm not saying *all* tough guys cheat on women, but that's the only experience I've had with a tough guy..

    Got myself a geek now; glasses and all. 4 years and 3 months we've been together. He's perfect! He may be a geek but he's not a wimp and he sticks up for what he believes in.

    • Cool. Myself, I have never cheated in my life. I rather die than cheat. Death before dishonor.

  • Tough guy but not street fighter

  • I've only ever dated the nerdy guys and they all turned out to be a disappointment and rude and asses. so now, I'm going to try out the tough guys

  • Nerdy guys for sure. I am a bit of a nerd myself. Plus I love

  • A combination of em all would be cool x'D

    You've got nerdy. It works for me. Usually a bit shy (which I personally like), nice, and VIDEOGAMES. Videogames. x'D (I'm going all out stereotypes for this XD)

    Pretty boy. Doesn't the name say enough? Just not the cocky personality >_< Bleh. Not my favorite. haha.

    Tough guy. He can handle himself, and protect me :3 haha.

    I could elaborate more on all, but it's 4am. I am lazy. XD Maybe later :D But yeah. That's pretty much... all of them. x'D

    • Good analogy.

      I am a tough guy geek... :P

      Pretty boy I am not... I have way too many scars on my face to be a pretty boy... :P

      I guess I am not ugly, but I ain't a pretty boy... LOL

      I am ex military, I am a bodyguard now... I play videogames... I am steriotypically geeky... Anime fan, Star trek fan... :P I actually go to conventions... But also, I am a martial artist, and carry guns legally... LOL

    • haha XD Hey, scars are fine x'D I'm just saying they're all good :3

      I'd like to go to a convention~ I just haven't heard of one in my area D:

      and lastly-

      Anime! ha ha ^_^

    • Hey, I am 33 and been a fan of anime since I was 8... I am old school with it... Otaku for over 25 years! LOL

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