Girls, no eye contact = no interest or attraction?

When is there a girl I like that doesn't give me any kind of eye contact or glances, I believe that she isn't interested in me at all, so I don't approach.

Funny thing is about me is when I do get some quick eye contact I just think maybe they just looking around for no reason or when they smile they are just being nice.

How do I truly know?

I remember once on the bus, I was sitting looking out the window, I saw a girl enter, so I decided not to look at her while she was walking down the aisle toward her seat. I kept looking out the window until she got close, and gave her a quick last second glance, our eyes met then she almost tripped on the steps toward her seat. lol


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  • if I avoid eye contact with a guy it's because I'm not interested.

    Eye contact and a smile means I am.

    Guys should know based off eye contact. If there is a girl that is avoiding eye contact with you and doesn't look at you, you probably shouldn't approach at all because she isn't interested. If she smiles after making eye contact she probably is interested since most girls don't usually do that to a guy they don't find attractive because that is a "green light" signal to approach, so she's not gonna do that to a guy she doesn't want approaching her. If she keeps looking and you keep catching eye contact then she's def interested

    • What about advoiding eye contact? The girl I like.. When I look at her our eyes will lock fo a sec and then she she will look away.. She never keeps eye contact

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    • That/s my point, melissa182. Her comment acts as if she speaks for all women, but the truth is that it takes a lot of confidence to maintain eye contact with someone like that, and the people who have it, both men and women, are in the minority.

    • Which makes things difficult because there are more shy people out there than not. But really, two shy people can't go well together when you think about it. Put two timid people together and nothing will ever happen. Ever. One of them needs to have the confidence to do something. Doesn't matter which one.

  • OH OH I can answer this!

    Three possibilities:

    1) Shy

    - They are neither interested or disinterested. Sometimes when they are being put in a situation in which they can have private, one-to-one moment with a guy, they need some time to get used to it, especially when they are very shy. I'm one of them, even though I'm used to talking to guys at a professional level. Sometimes it can be an old (bad) habit :)

    2) Not interested

    - Usually in a mean way to send the message that they don't really like or even care about what you think

    3) Distracted

    - Not necessary an indicator that she's not interested in you, but rather something more important or stronger is in her mind (maybe she has an interview later on etc.

    And to answer your last paragraph, she didn't expect to see you glancing at her or something. Don't read too much into it :)

    There's no formula to truly know what's in their mind, but your gut feeling helps a lot. Whatever it is, stay polite, be genuine, and know your boundaries when you realize somethings aren't going quite right as time goes by. Good luck!

    • Distracted can also mean that the girl has a heavy crush on you that she's trying not to give it away from the expression in her eyes :)

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    And let me explain, if you notice that a girl is going "out of her way" to avoid eye contact and appears to be nervous around you then it could mean she really likes you and is avoiding eye contact because of that. It's in her comfort zone not to look back. She feels that if she does make eye contact, she could be "giving" herself away, such as, revealing her cards too soon. Women don't like to appear eager and take on a "passive" facade, but deep down inside they are already analyzing everything you do from how you hold your hands to how you smile. She is AFRAID that if you and her do share EYE CONTACT, that if you don't smile, or you frown or the eye contact doesn't last long, that it could mean you don't like her. Hence, what women do is avoid eye contact because for them (for their sex) it accomplishes many things. 1. It keeps them in their comfort zone 2. It prevents them from knowing whether you like them or not and if you do really like her YOU would make the effort to establish eye contact 3. Their nervousness, if they are even nervous, can be passed off as being "a challenge" without appearing to be too eager. Really they are just shy and are expecting you to take the lead.

    --YOUR TRAIN STORY, doesn't mean anything. Sometimes I will notice someone looking at me or notice something out of the blue and its enough to momentarily distract me until I have to pause and adjust myself and move on.

    I'm not saying that all women are like this. Many women too will smile and make eye contact with guys they like, but many more girls will sometimes ignore a guy even when they like them. Of course WHEN WOMEN DON'T LIKE YOU, they won't look at you either, so the only way to truly know is to do the following.

    Basically, don't leave it up to the girl. You have to keep looking at her bro until she looks back at you. People know when you are looking at them, so keep looking at her until she looks your way and then smile and keep your eye contact until SHE looks away. If she just gives you a quick smile followed by a blank expression and then darts her eyes around the room she is not initially attracted to you and you might have to go over to her to make a move. If she looks back at you and smiles genuinely and hold some eye contact with you for a couple seconds and looks away then she likes you and you need to make a move.


    Often times a girl will ignore a guy because she is nervous and you just have to look at her and smile. SHE WILL FEEL your facial expression without directly looking up at you and it will give her the courage to look up and smile and make eye contact. She wants TO KNOW that you have the confidence to take the risk and look at her. Some girls will even test you to see if you look away first. Basically if she is not looking at you but you show HESITATION, she won't look up. Or if you look like you are frowning/angry/ she might think you are a creep

    • This is an awesome answer! So true! I avoid eye contact at the gym with some of the guys I don't know because I get shy about smiling and if I do have eye contact and don't smile I think they'll see it as lack of interest on my part. So I just avoid the situation all together by trying not to look...and hoping one of them will come over. Kinda a sucky strategy though! Sounds like you know the female brain pretty well! How? lol

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    • men and women have different ways of feeling attraction, to guys we are more "visual" but to women even the hottest guy can be a huge turn off if he lacks confidence and has no game. the way you talk to a girl and your attitude will affect how much she likes you, and girls seldom make eye contact, we wish they could more but they don't. you need to take the initiative until she looks at you and smile like she's your best friend, toss in a little naughty look too but don't be sleazy

    • ahhhh...STOP all tht looking at each other crap...

      just go and talk to her

  • How can she possibly be into you? She doesn't even know you yet!

    Instead realize that it DOESN'T MATTER if she's into you... all that matters is that you give her a chance AND that she gives you a chance to get to know her.

    And none of that is going to happen unless you open her up with some fun conversation.

    So instead of over thinking it simply approach the second you see her. Don't wait.

    And, if that makes you nervous, memorize something you can say to get the ball rolling. The "pickup artist" community encourages opinion openers, and I can't agree more.

    Asking a girl for her opinion just feels non-threatening AND it helps get a REAL conversation going.

    So next time you see a hottie you want to meet, don't worry about her liking you, and simply wander over to her and start up a conversation...

    I used to say things like, "Hey, you look like you have decent style... can I get your fashion opinion on something? I want to try some super white casual shoes with my jeans but I've been told that I need to also wear a white belt if I'm wear white shoes... is there any truth to this?! I don't think I can roll with a white belt..."

    Or something generic that you dream up.

    Because it's memorize you don't have to worry about inventing something witty to say AND you'll likely say it more casually because you'll have said it a thousand other times with a thousand other women.

    This gives her a chance to chat with you AND gives her time to develop some real attraction (assuming you're not just creepy or weird.)

    Hope this helps!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )


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  • i don't look directly into the eyes of a guy that I like. Some girls do that because they are shy and others may not be interested in you. It's hard to say why those girls do that because it could be because of many various reasons.

  • if I like a boy, it's so hard for me to look him in the eyes, because I'm too shy.

    if I was you , I would approach her, because you never know, maybe she likes you too

    good luck!

  • For me personally, if I don't find a guy attractive or have no interest in him at all then, I'll avoid eye contact. However, if I notice a guy looking at me or paying attention to me and I find him attractive, if he looks me in the eye, I'll look back at him and maintain that eye contact (as long as he seems willing to). If he smiles at me then I'll smile back. If he doesn't, then I won't. But again if I'm not interested in him or attracted to him then I'll probably try to ignore him completely. But basically, if the feeling is mutual...I'll pretty much play along with whatever he is doing. This is just me though, can't say all girls are the same.

  • shy... trust me when girls make eye contact that shows how confident they are but remember she may already be taken peace bud and gd luck.

    • lol my answer ooks like crap now tahnks a lot always Calssy lol jk peace

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  • Depends from person to person.

    Some girls are shy , or too self conscious at the moment & may not make eye contact.

    Some girls who are already comfortable or friendly with a person before , will look right at that them if they start liking them a little.

    Some are very confident they'll look at you right away. But that's really rare for me.

    This is just an opinion.

    And if they avoid eye contact. Look for their body language , behaviour , way of speaking & expressions on their face in a cross eye , by making sure she's not aware that you're looking at them.

    this is how you'll find clues (trust me even that's hard to understand & sometimes deceiving)

    Best way to know is let them get to know you well , so they are comfortable & say it by themselves or when you ask them out.

    Yet NEVER keep making judgements , what they say by themselves is the ULTIMATE thing to know.


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