True difference between hot and beautiful women?

People need to understand the true difference between a hot woman and a beautiful woman.

Hot but not beautiful - Women who don’t look naturally beautiful and they become hot after hitting puberty by getting a nice body. Basically these women are butterface ( average face and nice body). Later in their lives, they learn how to wear great makeup, great hair and nice clothes (or plastic surgery) to look hot but beneath all the surface, they don’t look all that good and it’s more of an illusion.

Beautiful women - Women who grew up looking naturally beautiful and have been beautiful throughout (beautiful/ gorgeous face). They have looked beautiful even before puberty. These women look beautiful even without makeup and have nice facial features.

ofcourse, sometimes a women can be both beautiful and hot but these are exceptions. Moreover, looks can be subjective as well.
As far I have seen, made up flashy hot woman are more common than genuinely beautiful women and tend to be high attention seekers. Since they didn’t grew up beautiful, they look for more validation. Men generally go for made up hot women as they get easily blinded by all the makeover and ignore naturals. They also want to ‘seen’ with the flashy hot girl.

A genuinely beautiful woman has a higher self esteem and better genes than a made up hot girl.
True difference between hot and beautiful women?
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