What do you think about children beauty pageants?

What do you think about children beauty pageants?
Do you think those contests help kids to have more self esteem since they are little, and learn to become more secure of themselves in the future or those pageants are just a way to exploit children cause it is a way to sexualize kids since they are little?

I will link here 2 videos of 2 contestants for a beauty pageant. Those 2 contestants as you will see are just little kids. These kids belong to a beauty pageant academy in our area. This academy organize pageants for all ages and they do castings even starting from 3 years old, and prepare them to compete in international pageants. For the little kids casting the academy call them "Mini queens". Also this academy accept super overweight contestants and prepare them also to compete in international contests to compete in their respective categories to let these ladies know that even if they are super obese , they can particiapte in beauty pageants and feel good, regardless of their weight, like saying is ok to be fat.

Anyway back to the children issue. Here are 2 links of these children in a runaway and modeling one. The girl modeling in a black swimsuit is just 7yrs old.

What do you think about children beauty pageants?
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