What’s your opinion on child beauty pageants?


I think they’re so weird tbh lol

They give literal 6 year olds fake tans, fake teeth, wigs, 2 lbs of make up, fake lashes, dressing them up as mini adults. Even having them compete in swim suit contests where grown ass adults are judging which child is the prettiest. Sounds like a pedophiles dream 🥴🥴

And I’m sure it creates horrible self esteem issues for these kids. It’s one thing if you’re an adult or even a teenager and you compete in something like that, but parents who make their little kids do it are strange to me.

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I believe there are also “natural” pageants where the kids don’t wear make up or any of the extreme stuff. That’s definitely much better but it’s still weird to compare childrens looks.
What’s your opinion on child beauty pageants?
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