Cute guy at the library?

There's a cute guy at the library I go to do my work. I have seen him there a couple of times now. Yesterday I was getting up to leave and he looked at me and smiled at me. I awkwardly smiled back and left but now I wish I had done something else!

What are some good ways to show this guy I am interested without being overpowering?


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  • Flash him next time you see him.

    • Flash your library card he means. Tell him you'll max out the borrowing limit for him.

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  • Just hand him a slip of paper with your number or e mail, give him the best smile you can, and walk away, looking over your every time.

  • Just strike up a conversation with him. If he's reading a book, ask him what it's about, etc., etc. If you seem to get along then give him your number or invite him for a cup of coffee.

  • Well if he works there maybe you can just make up something to ask him? If not, maybe you should just say hi, although I think that would be his job to be honest.


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