Girls do you like the Polo Ralph Lauren type?

the kind of guy who dresses pretty expensively, looks young, thinner but defined muscles and almost harsh looking face.. because that's how I am



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  • I love the ralph Lauren style - makes guys look so delish -

    Don't care how expensive your clothes are, but I do care a bit about a dudes fashion. Like I'm not saying he has to be on model status - I'm no fashionista myself, but if he's just wearing sweat pants and t - shirts all the time - meh. It's nice to see a guy who knows how to dress fairly well. Makes me assume he's more put together. or at least cares more how he projects that aspect of him.

    I like a guy with a harsher face - but not too harsh - like strong jawline, lower eye brows / smaller eyes, a little intensity to him - but still a bit of softness like a wide smile, relaxation in his features.

    But mmm - I wish more guys did the ralph lauren thing. They'd be getting laid so much easier IMO ha ha :D

    • Expensive and fashion go hand in hand--richer guys are more likely to be more fashionable..I'm on the upper part of middle class and even I HATE buying "expensive clothes"..guess that makes me unattractive, huh?

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    • He actually did kiss a dude once...and besides, metro is considered straight talk for "in the closet"

    • Well if he kissed a guy then that's much better to assume from then - omg he's metro so he's gay. That's a stupid way of perceiving people imo.

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  • Ralph Lauren polos are hot and I do like guys that dress expensively and look put together, even if they didn't spend much on their clothes at all.

  • totally, I love that classic prep look!

    • I guess that makes me unattractive because I don't go with the "more expensive fashion"...I HATED going with the norm. because I always hated the idea that I was conforming..but I guess according to girls, I should have conformed!

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    • If I did dress up, it'd be fore me, not girls. You should like me for me, not my clothes

    • exactly- you should do it for you.

  • I don't really care for labels.


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