A few questions about short guys (5'7" and under) and dating?

I know that most girls prefer short guys but they way a lot of people talk on here makes it sound like most girls won't date short guys at all. My boyfriend is pretty short himself, 5'6" and as far as I know he hasn't really had any trouble dating. It makes me wonder whether it's because girls don't like to date short guys or if it's for another reason, maybe due to insecurities that some short guys could have?

So here are my questions...

If you're a guy who's 5'7" or under, have you seemed to have a harder time getting dates than guys of average height or taller? Have any girls every directly told you that they wouldn't date you because of your height? Do you feel insecure about your height?

And ladies, is a guy being short a deal breaker for you? How much does height matter?
Oh and for the guys, if you could include your height that would be good too :)
Edit: "I know that most girls prefer TALL guys..."


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  • The first statement says it all "I know that most girls prefer TALL guys..." Thus, you can conclude that tall guys will have more of a selection when it comes to potential partners than a short guy would have. Therefore, you can make at least some conclusion and say dating is a little harder for someone shorter in height.

    I don't think its mainly the insecurities "some short guys may have" because they are a direct result from their experiences with women themselves, but rather both the women herself and wanting to feel more feminine (as a result saying she won't date a shorter guy) and the man wanting to feel more like one and trying to fit her height preferences.

    I know girls (usually taller than average) who say they won't date a man unless he's above x inches tall. Conversely, when I ask most will say because they "want to feel protected" (from what?), a guy should be more dominant, social factors or some other reason they can't really explain.

    I used to really like my height, until I found out it was only classified as average to most girls. I'm still okay with it, though I don't really pay attention to it.


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  • "I know that most girls prefer short guys..."

    I think you mean that most girls prefer TALL guys.

  • I'm 6'3.

    Girls I've dated have liked my height. But that's one reason they were with ME. Should my wife conclude all guys prefer brunettes, because all her bfs' (and me) did? Obviously, guys who like brunettes went for her, girls who like tall guys were much more likely to date me.

    I think being tall is more often a plus then a minus. Most of us are not perfect adonises. Average people are average. But they are not average in every way - they have strong points and weak points. And they will tend to end up with people who care more about their strong points then weak ones, and hence find them attractive. An overweight girl with a pretty face will attract guys who care more about face. An 'average looking' tall guy will get girls who LIKE tall guys. A short guy with great arms might get girls who care more about arms then height.

  • i'm 5 7" I don't think it's so much harder than taller guys , but sometimes it feels like that yes ( they do have a bigger amount of girls they can date , as more girls are smaller than them. I do feel a little insecure about my height , one girl told me that she liked taller guys ( even when she was still 8 cm smaller than me lol ) she however said I was perfect , but she's weird freaky bitch style :p

    but overall I'm happy with who I am , and I always say better too small than too tall ( for your back etc hahaha)

    • Don't worry, a bigger pool doesn't necessarily better quality.

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    • You're welcome. LOL

      It's okay though.. I have liked guys who are 5'6 - 5'8..

      Oh, really? Interesting.

    • I know it's OK :p I can live with myself pretty well ha ha :D

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  • 5'7 isn't short

  • Smart idea

  • Short guys are cute..it can work


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