How does a guy know he's attractive?

A billion women have asked this, what about us guys?

Have you ever told a stranger he's the best looking guy in the room/earth?

Do hot women give him long gazes?

Do they give you subtle comments that really mean you're hot?

What do they do to let you know?


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  • A friend and I used to be FWB and go out all the time, and he's an incredibly good looking guy... Really modest and sweet though, I don't know how he manages not to get a big head from the attention ;) But here's stuff I saw for myself...

    Constantly being stopped and complimented by women...

    Women will find any ridiculous reason to come up and say or ask something...just to be able to come up and talk to you.

    Lots and lots of nervous hair flipping or hair twirling while looking at him or talking to him (I was attacked by my fair share of flying hair...goodness...)

    Waitresses giving a lot of extra special attention...checking in on the table waay too much, offering free drinks or food, if you happen to look anywhere near her direction she dashes over smiling and flustered asking if you need her... But anyone else at the table could be using flame signals to get her attention and she woudlnt notice...

    Women regularly offer to buy you drinks...or buy you anything.

    Girls get a huge smile when you approach and talk to them...

    Hrmm..thats all I can think of in general terms as far as reactions Id see from strangers... He was flattered and sweet about it, but would always let a girl know if she started coming on too strong that he was there with someone (yeah, it really is like they didn't notice I was right there while flirting madly with was amusing to watch though!)

    Hes told me some funny stories of experiences he had at work or just while out on his own...just the things women will go out of their way to do to get his attention...from teeny boppers to women in their 40's...

    But even with all that...I have to say, I can't recall anyone saying "youre hot" or anything like that directly to him.


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  • Women check out men all the time. You just have to look to see whether women are checking you out. I've told guys that I thought they were very cute before, but never the best looking guy in the room. lol. If women pay attention to you, it's pretty safe to say you're attractive. Women, like men, also start out by looking. If I don't find you attractive, you won't get my attention immediately, simple as that.

    • Yeah. So dude, if you have gaps between front teeth do yourself a favor and spend $5k - $7k on orthodontics. (j/k)

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    • Haha, it's all about what you think hmm?

    • Always... :)

  • if I know hima bit.i will compliment. say that he looks cute, literally. and that's about it.


    • thats like... not smart

      you're gonna have a guy thinking you're into him and its gonna be a big heartbreaking mess

  • I'm way too shy to tell a total stranger that's he's gorgeous lol. But if he finds himself being stared at or approached by a lot of women then that's a big giveaway.

  • one time me and my cousin were leaving the super market, and a hot guy was walking in and I said really loudly, "GOD DAMN YOU'RE FINE"! he just looked back us. we left.

  • if he is my boyfriend I ll tell him all the time how hot he is and that he looks great.but if he is a stranger I dnt give a damn to tell him anything.if he is a friend I can tell him he looks nice today


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  • Look in the mirror and flex your pec muscles. When you can make them dance, that is when you know you are one hot stud.