A good tattoo saying with the meaning that you can only trust yourself?

can anyone think of a tattoo line with the meaning: you can only trust yourself? it can be English,rush or latin


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  • I would go with what either what "chloekaykaykay" said or what "TheViper" said. Either ideas sound really good. Where are you going to put the tattoo and when are you going to get it?

    • it's just an idea right now if I get it it would be really small and maybe on the inner side of my arm or on my ribs under the left chest

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  • Faith

    By the way you are extremely pretty sorry you can't trust its a big thing someone has been allowed to steal from u

  • this is a bit different but whatever

    Gnothi Seauton is the Greek for 'Know Thyself'.

    If you want the tattoo it in the original Greek, it's: ????? sea?t??

    But you could be just set on the trust yourself one in engl only.

  • You could always go with the classic "don't trust anyone" line..but, I don't much care for tattoos. Also, what happened?

    • somehow it turns out that everyone is kind of fake somehow and so I learned to never trust abyone totally also it has a bit to do with my ex...:-/

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    • no but I won't tell him it would be too embarassing and I am afaird of his reaction. I will just leave him alone now and I hope that he will realize that she could never make him happy ( that's my only wish for Christmas...)

    • You should tell him, also..you don't know that, you only know what you can do. Some guys like what they like...

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