What are people's opinions of a guy wearing Hunter Rain Boots?

I just brought a pair in the tall green, and was wondering what people thought. I'm actually excited to get them and wear them regardless of what people think. Also I will be wearing them with my pants tucked in, because I will want to stay dry in rain and snow. Also would it be bad to wear them on a winter day, that it did not rain?

FYI I do not reakky care what people think, I'm more curious.


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  • that sounds hot.. show my a pic of them when you can!

    • I'll post a picture when I get them.

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    • I would not consider myself a city boy.

    • why hot, it there any fur inside the boots?

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  • As long as you only wear them when it's actually raining, they're cool.

    Just please don't wear them on sunny, dry days when it hasn't rained in weeks because it looks ridiculous.

    • I hate that also. I might wear them when I first get them to break them in, but other than that I would not. wearing rainboots on a sunny day is dumb. Rainboots are not meant for fashion.

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    • lol we must go to the same school! I see that here year round, even when we had a heat wave and it was 32 celsius for a good 2 weeks.

    • I see that sometimes at the mall. These girls will wear big tall rainboots when it there are no clouds. I don't get it are they trying to make a fashion statement? There is nothing fashionable about rainboots.

  • Rain boots ? can you show me the pic? some rain boots are very cool like a west cowboy ~

    • link

      These are the boots I got, I got them in green.

    • U have the whole boots of this website? you do love this brand~

  • Better than Uggs my friend! Just make sure you wear them when it's raining outside. You could wear them in the winter since they're water proof and they'll protect you from the snow!

    • What wrong with Uggs? I wear Uggs also. Uggs were origianlly mens boots. Guys like to have warm comfy feet.

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    • Hell no. I would never wear those. I only wear the ones that are made for men.

    • Sounds good.

  • That actually sounds hot to me -_- I don't know why

    • HAHA maybe you have a boot fetish lol jk.

  • Im glad you don't care because you sound excited about them:)

    I live in a small town and wouldn't think anything of it. Rain or not you should just enjoy them. People that matter should be focusing on you rather your shoes anywho(: hope you enjoy those boots!

    • Thnaks. I don't see anyhting wrong with it. It's not like they are bright purple polka dot rain boots. It will be nice to have something to keep my feet dry for those nasty snowstorms, and rainy days.

    • This made me smile:) you should show em, and sport some purple polka ones!

    • I think I will pass Polka ones lol. I do not want to turn off every girl I meet.

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