Girls, what do you think of guys wearing braces/suspenders? Sexy or not?

Hello there, just wondering what you girls think about this. The reason why I am asking this questions is that I have recently lost a lot of weight. I used to be a bit portly, but now I'm almost slim, I think it will be only a few weeks until I can lose the last of the fat. Anyway, as a result, my trousers keep slipping down, and it's annoying to pull them back up again. The usual solution for most men is to buy a belt. Now, I do own both a belt and a set of braces, however, I'm currently working a long way from home, and I only brought my braces with me, as when I was fatter it was uncomfortable to wear a belt (I also have a stomach problem which means I can't wear clothes that are too tight around the abdomen). I've also developed a very strong crush on a female friend (that's part of the reason why I wanted to lose a little weight, so I might seem a little more attractive to her, as well as to help alleviate my stomach problem and be a little healthier). However, she's never seen me wearing braces, so I was wondering what you girls think of them. I don't want to wear them to be comfortable and then end up looking really silly in front of her. Normally I wouldn't care what other people think, but I do care what she thinks. Silly, I know. On the other hand, as man I have no idea what girls think, maybe some of you think it looks kinda sexy. I've been told by a couple of male friends with whom I have spoken and they reckon I could pull it off as it would be consistent with my slightly eccentric style. But I though it would be interesting just to see what the girls think too. So, thanks for your opinions, feel free to add any comments and answer the poll!

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  • I think it's pretty cute :)

    • Great! Exactly what I want to hear! It's also fun (and a bit silly) when you can pull them and stretch them and then let go so they snap back. I don't mind looking a little bit silly if I can make a pretty girl laugh or smile.

  • I think suspenders are hot on everyone, just saying.