What makes a guy "hot"?

What constitutes a guy being physically hot?

What type of body is it?

What is his hairstyle?

What does he smell like? (cologne)

What is the style of clothes?

What type of job must he have?

How much money must he have?

I probably fail at all of these categories.

How can I attain all of what you want very quickly?

Is going into extreme measures (and risking my life) to get it worth it?

Please NO answers about how personality is more important, that is not the subject and most of those answers are probably lies anyway.


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  • everyone has their own definition, everyone finds something else attractive or sexy that another might disagree upon

    for me: I find a guy incredibly sexy and hot when

    1) he is taller than me. can't be shorter than me.

    2.) he has some meat on his bones not ripped muscles but just meat, I don't like the scrawny look.

    3.) scruffy musky beard light 5' o clock shadow look, it makes me melt. I don't like clean shaven men at all surprisingly. also semi-long sideburns and nice out-of-the-shower gelled hair look, not too much gel though just a tad.

    4.) he smells nice, I'm not picky anything will do -i LOVE cologne the pheromones stuff scientists talk about...its true alright. if I smell a guys cologne as I'm walking I instantly get wet down there no lie.

    5.) nice eyes, long dark eyelashes with that intense gaze piercing through...so sexy!

    6.) the way he sits...yes I notice these things. I just love a manly man who sits with his legs slightly spread out and strong arms relaxed

    7.) clothing style..again I'm not picky as long as its clean cut and simple with neutral colors like white black grey navy with some jeans and decent shoes its sexy...sometimes less is more I don't like metrosexual kinda guys that put too much thought into it and add too many layers or ties or vests or trendy stuff...they look like theyre trying too hard just keep it simple I love a man in a nice white tshirt and jeans or a nice button shirt and jeans.

    8.) when a man cooks food- super hot!

    9.) loves kids and animals- outrageously hot and sexy I love a man who looks fatherly material.


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  • i don't really like the term 'hot', but I digress.

    body: I don't care honestly. not big fan of muscles, but I guess normal.

    hairstyle: I do not like baldness and I love long-ish hair. ha ha I don't know why. as for color, I don't have a preference as long as they can pull it off.

    smell: smell good, but I don't really know of any guy cologne smells but nothing too strong. sort of normal smelling. a little musky.

    style: again, don't mind but I tend to date 'preppy' or 'gothic' looking guys. weird range I know hahaha.

    job: it doesn't matter

    money: still doesn't matter. I don't want a guy to buy me things all the time, I hate it. i, however, enjoy buying and making stuff for my beloved.

    mainly just be yourself and don't try to fit into one certain 'subculture' and try too hard. going from my experience, I fall for a plethora of different types of guys. I may like the 'nerd' (currently), and one minute I might like the 'goth', it just depends on how nice you are mainly. girls love guys who are nice and will stick up for them. well, at least I do anyway.

    good luck in your future love endeavors. and I pinkie promise I'm not lying. cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye (friendship is magic reference heh).

  • Everyone has a different version of "hot". So do you! If you like to work out and feel good, do it! If you like to make money, do it. If you want to change up your style, go for it! Just be yourself and be proud of who you are, and the ladies will come to you.

  • First off, hot is a physical characteristic. So, it has nothing to do with money or what job he has. I believe any guy can be above average (even if his face is not so great) if he has a great body. Just go to the gym and get a really nice body.

  • What I physically like is a guy who is taller than me, toned but not too built up, a strong square jaw, good hygiene, good style (American eagle, pacsun, etc). But that's just MY personal type. Every girls type will be different. And for me, sometimes a kickass personality can make a person's looks really grow on me.

    I like shorter hair. Gotta say I'm a sucker for a good messy fauxhawk but only if it suits the guy.

    My husband wears Dolce & Gabbana The One. I HATE Axe.

    Already addressed the clothes.

    Just a stable job. It doesn't matter. As long as he's happy with it and it pays his bills, I don't care.

    Like I said, I don't care. If it makes ends meet, that's great!

    Confidence is key. Love who you are. Know what you have to offer to a woman and a relationship. If you do that, she'll sense it. If she doesn't, she's stupid and not worth pursuing anyway. Move on to the next one.

    You should never risk your own health/safety/happiness for someone else. Period.

  • It truly isn't much to do about physical appearance or what job they have. It has to do with the way they dress, and the way they carry themselves/personality.

    I have been extremely attracted to an overweight guy because he carries himself as very cool, laid back, funny, and nice guy.

    Ive also been attracted to a guy who had a nice body but not so nice face, but his very outgoing, and forward with me , but again also nice, funny, and caring personality made me EXTREMELY attracted to him.

    Both the guys dress nicely, BUT not a specific way. It has to do with the way they style their clothes. One guy dresses in a punk style, the other in dress shirt, and jeans. Eitherway they both had their own way of taking the time to style their whole look.

    Also try a beanie, because they both wear beanies, and I think that's very attractive.

  • Fairly tall, good looking features, strong looking, confident and perhaps a bit cocky, in shape,

  • -i love a guy with facial hair... its so sexy


    -tall and broad shoulders

    - I don't find that whole body builder look hot

  • I RARELY call a guy 'physically' hot, it's about his presence BUTTTTTTTTT, I'll try to answer this regardless.

    1. Presence, style. (I know, I know.. you don't want me to say that lol)

    2. link

    3. Short enough where he doesn't have to do anything to it, long enough that I can run my fingers through it.

    4. mmmmm.. I don't know any guy colognes but a guy that smells good is ALWAYS hot.

    5. Laid back, layer-y.. link nothing too flashy. link

    6. Doesn't matter.

    7. Doesn't matter.

  • I'll number your questions one to 7 in the order you asked them and answer that way.

    1. Me being physically attracted to him. Which doesn't happen often I'm Asexual with the exception of one person... My boyfriend. I lived twenty years never sexually attracted to any one, at all, in the least. Sex wasn't even a thing to me, I didn't even masturbate or any of that. So in order to be physically attractive to me... eh it probably won't happen. I mean I can appreciate that someone looks good but to be "hot"... nawh, it really just doesn't happen other than the man I'm with now.

    2. I guess, from the way he looked before and after we started working out together, some where between lean and slightly pudgy and lean lightly toned muscle.

    3. Any kind that looks good? I mean I'm probably just going to go through this and describe my boyfriend because that's the only standard of "hot" I have.

    4. Axe deodorant and a little bit of the spray on his chest under his shirt. I can't remember what scent I like though.

    5. Nice clothes. I hate ratty clothing or sloppy clothing. He needs to look nice and presentable. Not suits and sh*t but no holes or rips or stains or any of that sh*t.

    6. Whatever job really makes him happy and lets him excel at what he loves.

    7. Whatever makes him happy, comfortable and settled. I don't need any particular amount from him so long as he can help me with bills and other necessities.

    On a side note, don't assume that all girls are shallow whores who don't care about a guy's personality. Just because you've had bad experiences with immature girls doesn't mean that's what we're all like. I'm asexual so I don't give a SHIT what you look like, it's all about your personality and how we connect. And lots of girls at the same way, they want some one who will treat them right and care about them and who they can treat right and care about in turn. Physical attraction, I find, most often stems from mental and emotional attraction. Stop trying to get with shallow skanks and quit complaining. All girls a different and when you want to date someone who's grown up and mature you'll find that looks are a hell of a lot less important.

    However, with an attitude like that it's no wonder you're focusing on looks because that sour little comment right there just ruined any good outlook I had on your personality. And that inside stuff is a lot harder to fix than your physical appearance.

  • I would consider a guy to be hot if he's a studious kind of guy.
    No cologne because I am allergic to these kinds of smells.
    I really do not care how much money he makes but I would never date a prosecutor.
    Don't care about his clothes.
    The only thing in your list I would say that makes a hot guy would be his hair.


What Guys Said 5

  • when you feel at peace with yourself you can attract any women you want they can smell confidence a mile away if you suck at talking to women there just gonna beat you down every time some are tough some are easy..but in general all lie about what they want and do. no offense ladys but the gentlemen approach is for people getting married but being alittle honest a blunt is all it takes be real and you will have advanced alittle closer to understanding them...step one.lol

  • The obvious answer is work out. I know so many guys with the personality of a rock but they hit the gym 5 times a week and take a galoon of protein shakes a day so they get a six pack and a big chest. It works, a lot of women our age are shallow as f***. Probably why I usually date older women.

  • Usually when I play basketball for several hours at a time I get really sweaty and feel "hot".

  • dude all you need is the last one and lots of it...you'll be fighting them off.

  • Tall, wealthy, high social status.


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