Are low setting eyebrows ugly?

Girls seem to love guys with high eyebrows or ones some where in the middle.


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  • regardless, never ever cut or pluck the top of your eyebrow. I know your a guy and some guys edge up their eyebrows. I personally don't. My girlfriend is cosmetologist specialist and they emphasized it over and over in school.

    • Yeah I learned that the hardway! When I was in high school guys made fun of me for my thick and low eyebrows so I started getting them waxed. The lady didn't know **** about doing mens eyebrows and she did it on the bottom. My eyebrows looked girlie and I didn't even realize it until 8 years later looking back at my old pictures... :(

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  • You mean the Cave man look? least to me.

    But if you mean big forehead and low eyebrows...then still yeah.

    if you mean non arched

  • I don't think that's everneen an issue

    • See Cuddle Muffin's answer.

  • you are dobm... why would you pay attention to that?

    • dobm? That is definitely not a word in the English dictionary.

    • I agree with cuddle muffin.

    • cool. shuve the English dictonary up your butt, because nobody cares

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