Tough guys being cute and caring with their girlfriends. Cute or not?

I'm not sure why but I think this is cute:

If a guy is sort of a tough/rough guy but he's really sweet and gentle with his girl friend.

For example: My boyfriend is 6'4" and he's a pretty strong/tough guy, whatever you want to call it. And then when we cuddle or something it's so cute because he'll hold me, tell me how in love he is, be really gentle, play with my hair, etc. He's just always so caring towards me, he wants to make sure he doesn't hurt me and everything and I love it.

Is it just me or do other girls/women like this?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • yes I love it :) something so special about a tough guy getting all sensitive and sweet :)


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What Guys Said 4

  • well I got no problem guys who are caring..but the way you made it sound its kinda like "eew"? girlfriend agrees she was reading it with me and said "NO" lol..ill try to explain..

    when a "tough" guy is like this,it usually means he's what you call a big teddybear..and a nice guy..looks doesn't mean anything..there are 7ft nice guys..and 5 ft "jerks" what you have is a 6ft nice guy..which isn't bad depending on how the girl feels..

    around my way,girls NEED a guy who is kinda for example me..yeah I'm very nurturing,caring,romantic and sweet..i always cuddle with my gf..kiss her 24/ sweet to her..i buy her "feminine" stuff..literally eveyrhing ic an do for her,i happily do..

    BUT I'm still the boss in the house,i call the king..if my girlfriend does something abd,ill put her in her not scared to yell at not scared to "lose her"..which is what most "niceguys" do..

    girls WANT the guy to take charge..they want the guy to ignore them leave the house for long periods of time..girls WANT drama..they need a small fighth keeps the relationship hot..

    afetr a while of the guy being so gets like "okk..this is the 800000 times you told me you love me,i kinda get it" egt me sweety?

    • I don't like too much romance - he doesn it enough and not too much. This isn't like a 24/7 thing.

    • idk made it sound that way..its not something BAD..thats how some guys are..i speak from experience and know?..tell me what I said doesn't make sense lol..

    • Sorry, but I’d hate that.

  • makes me kinda jealous of them, of the guy, one of the major reasons why I hate jocks, military guys, makes me feel like challenging them to fight to prove my bravery, even if I get my ass kicked, I will take pride in myself that I had the balls to confront the guy, would love to say this to the girl in front of her boyfriend:

  • I'm the same way sweetie.. I'm your typical south Philly italian guy that was brought up on those streets, I work very hard on my appearance at the gym, I have a reputation for being tough and all and I'm a little bitch when I'm with her.. There's nothing wrong with it. I do all the things your guy does and more.. In fact There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. and I am always reminding her how much she means to me and all.. Good luck and good for him.

  • Not Cute


What Girls Said 2

  • My friend’s hubby is more of a reserved, “tough” guy. He’s such a sweetie to her. It’s great to see

  • i think it's cute when any guy does this whether or not he's tough or more senistive


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