If your girlfriend has curly hair would you prefer she straighten it?

Guys: do you prefer her to straighten it everyday or only special occasions? my boyfriend tells me to straighten it every day so I told him to buy me a good quality flat iron C: he bought me a chi other guys?


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  • I don't really mind what girls do with there hair if they want to straighten it then they can and if they wanna leave it natural then that's fine as well - I would wanna see then with there fair natural sometimes just so I get used to it but yea it doesn't really bother me.

  • It's a lot of work for a girl to straighten her hair. My girlfriend has slightly curly hair (not real curly, but a little bit more than just wavy) and I wouldn't want her to go through the bother of straightening it everyday. In fact, I don't care if she straightens it for special events either as long as it's neat and nice looking. I do like when she has straight hair, but if I was her, I would be too lazy to do it often at all so I wouldn't ever make her do it.

    On a side note, my old roommate's girlfriend straightened her hair and she did it over the sink where the mirror was. All her hair clogged the drain in that bathroom and I had to take it apart and pull out this wad of nasty stringy half rotted drain hair. Very nasty. I'm in no hurry for my girlfriend to clog the drains up... :)


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