What do you think of back/spinal tattoos on girls?

I always see dudes with back tattoos.

I always see girls with the infamous tramp stamp.

But I am talking about tatts like these on girls...



These pictures suck opposed to the one I saw in real life.

My point is I never liked tattoos because of the job restraints and etc from them. I think they look cool...but I wouldn't get tatted.

When I saw this type of tattoo...if it is short enough not to hit my lower back region and tall enough not to reach my upper neck region..I may consider it.

The details, expecially from floral designs are awesome. I wouldn't mind being 81 years old with flowers on my back. But, I like I said..it's a maybe.

So, what do you think of them?


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  • i like the concept. maybe designs that aren't as heavy, more subtle... I like torso tattoos too, this location (not the design): link

    • Yeah, I know what you mean...

      I like the more heavel vibrant ones...with color... but instead of huge flowers like in this pic link ...I like something more tiny...(please ignore her flabby side boob)

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    • lmao. OK. :p

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  • One more angle a guy could use to get her top off. :)

  • I just saw this p*rno where a girl had something like that lol. it was kinda weird looking though. it was like barbed wire going down her spine or something. O_o


What Girls Said 2

  • Loveee them. I know a girl who has something like this: link and I think it looks amazing. But faarrrkkk spine tats hurt.

  • i hate them. I think they're so tacky and trashy

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