I am between size medium and large in shirt size. What am I supposed to do??

I had to move up to size large a few years ago. Since then I started to work out. I have slimmed down and toned up as well as bulked up a bit.

The problem though, NOTHING FITS ME JUST RIGHT!

I feel like I have the problem that girls have always talked about when shopping. Size and fit by brand...



When I wear a size medium shirt my arms fill up the sleeves. The sleeves are also short just barely passing my shoulders really. The shirt squeezes against my chest and it is almost like form fitting to my physique.

The problem though is, my torso is long so the shirt just barely gets to the top of my pants. I am not a young teenage or undergrad college guy, so I don't want to wear shirts like this. The shirt looks and FEELS small on me.


It is just too big. The sleeves stretch halfway down my arm thus completely hiding my hard earned slightly large bicep size. The shirt also almost just drapes over my body and is not form fitting at all to me since it is so large! It is like I am wearing a square coat. It stretches to an appropriate length past my belt on my jeans. It feels large on me as well. All the opposite problems of the medium size shirts.

So, is there more varyance in size by different designers. I know for example that whenever Calven Klein has a "slim fit" large size shirt it fits me perfectly!


Besides that particular example:

A: Do guys have suggestions for brands to try and what size?

B Ladies, what is your opinion on how a shirt should fit a guy?


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  • On a guy it depends on the shirt all sizes fit differently, I'm a swimmer so I have broader shoulders which makes finding tops difficult it all depends on the shirt! On a guy I'd rather see the shirt fit a little looser than way tight, but in a close decision just go for whatever is more comfortable if you're comfortable you feel like you look better!

    • Neither feel comfortable. :-/

      The large is not a little looser, it is like...really big. I feel like there is so much space in size between medium and large.

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  • if you don't mind spending money on it

    you could get clothes specially made for you that fits =)

    to me, the clothes you wear reflects who you are, it

    should show off your body while hiding the details (-_^)

    • custom clothes...haha.

      Did I forget to mention that I don't make 100K + a year?


      Do you have custom clothes or do you shop by brand?

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    • when did I say cushion ?_?

    • I have no idea! haha...I just read it wrong somehow...?

      sorry. Now I am wondering what work has custom clothing..?

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  • I'd say it's better to go with a medium. Form fitting clothes are much, much better than something drooping off of your body. I buy small undershirts for that reason, plus I find it to be really comfy anyway.

    • How old are you? I feel like it is more in the youthful style to show off body physique in such a blunt way. I am 27 and thus want to look a little professional and built. Neither of these fits does this for me.

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    • Well each brand of shirt has a different "standard" for medium so when you wear a medium, is it more fitted or just too tight?

    • Man..I think I need to just go to the store and try on mediums from more than my normal 3 or 4 "go to" brands.

  • Go to a decent clothing store and get your chest measured. Once you do that you can just go to a sizing chart for a brand and find out what size you should be wearing.

    • Help me out man! What would be a decent clothing store in the USA?

      Or, couldn't I just buy some measuring tape, measure myself using info on how to measure online. And then Do the sizing chart thing myself?

    • Mid to higher end department stores are your best bet. Have someone in the suit area do it, they won't charge you anything. Doing it by yourself won't get the proper measurements.

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