Girls who paint their toes, how do you feel if a guy finds them very attractive?

I’m a guy with a fascination for girls’ feet and toes, finding many to be beautiful and sexy. I’ve read many questions from similar guys on this site, and answers from girls. I see a real pattern, a paradox I don’t get. Girls will trim and paint their toenails, wear cute toe rings and ankle bracelets, and then put their beautiful feet and sexy toes on display in public, such as in flip flops. Many guys who see them think “Wow, sweet, hot, they look delicious, I’d love to sniff them, suck their toes,” etc. But if girls realize that some guys have these thoughts, they’re disgusted, grossed out, and label the guys as sickos and perverts. So then, why do girls even bother to adorn their feet and toes? Don’t they WANT guys to think their feet and toes as beautiful and desire them along with the rest of their womanliness? Yet girls seem to find it offensive if a guy wanted to give their feet and toes some love and attention, and he might even enjoy how they smell after a long day on display in, say flip flops. That’s the paradox. Girls show off their feet and toes, many guys drool, but then they condemn the guys for being attracted to their feet and toes. All I can figure is that most girls think their feet are disgusting and stinky, and it would be unthinkable to even consider that maybe they’re really not. Please don’t take this as stereotyping, as not all girls fit this pattern. I just want to depict an observable pattern.

If a girl's feet and toes turn a guy on, but it doesn't do anything like that for her, then does this automatically make him a pervert? Can't it be a pleasurable part of the relationship that both can be comfortable with?
Girls who paint their toes, how do you feel if a guy finds them very attractive?
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