How to get my girlfriend to get piercing?

My girlfriend only have her ears pierced once, but I find girls with some piercings attractive, not that I don't find her attractive. Or its just me and I should not even bother with it? by the way I don't like all the crazy piercings just a couple regular ones.

I am guess from all the answers that a no no, thanks everyone.


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  • I believe you should mention it, because it's something that you like. I for example would like to know what my partner likes in me, and vice versa, because I like to please the person I love.

    That's what a relationship is about among other things. If you bring up the idea consider that she might like it or think about it. However, if she doesn't like your idea then don't insist on it.

    You should be able to talk about things you like, what pleases you, what stimulates you, what makes you happy and what doesn't, as well as she in a relationship to where these kind of things don't necessarily have to build up to a big ugly argument, but rather enhance your relationship and make it stronger.

    • Yea I was just thinking about talking to her about it but I wanting to know how others would take it.

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  • I'd try suggesting it, because y'know, she might want them but doesn't wanna turn you off?

    It's always worth mentioning, but if she flat out says no, then I'd leave it there.

    Some people are just comfortable with less holes in their body, it is what it is.

  • What kind of piercing do you want her to get?

    Suggest them to her, and see what she says.

    If she is afraid tell her you'll get a piercing with her.

    This can be a fun experience for the both of you!

    • Like just a couple regular ones, like in the ear, or maybe a nose piercing, or navel. I'm not into the extreme ones.

    • Those sound cute. Just try mentioning it to her, and see what she says.

    • I think I will do that, thanks.

  • yeeeeeah pal, you shouldn't have to "get her to" do anything unless she wants to... and that goes with any woman, for the rest of your life :)

    • Okay I should not even mention it to her. And that seems to be a good life lesson to carry around, Thank.

    • Wellllll I wouldn't say don't mention it, because like LiLiana was getting at, relationships ARE about compromise. It's not all black and white, you have to cover the grey areas. If you just mention it, she may just all of a sudden want another one!

    • thanks for the advice.

  • you don't tell a person who doesn't want more piercings to get more. I say don't even bother with it,

    Why didn't you go for a girl that have piercings in the first place?

    • It just happened, I really liked her personality and for me that like 70% of what makes me attracted to someone, and we were friends for a while and it just happen.

    • I think its best you don't say anything. would you want your girlfriend to change you?

  • dont try and change her

  • What types of piercings? Some girls are afraid to get them actually due to the pain and infection that could set up in them. I don't think you should try and force her to get them, to be honest. She could see it as a "controlling" type thing. Also, does she have a job? Some jobs don't allow that could be another reason she doesn't want one.

    • Its nothing that she could lose her job over. just some more in the ear, or nose piercing or navel nothing crazy.

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  • You could just give her a few percings while she's sleeping.

    • Dont actually do this. its probably illegal not to mention moraly wrong

    • Lol, but funny.

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