Why are good looking guys so full of themselves?

i have seen a lot good looking guys go around full of themselves acting there god gift and so stuck up and shallow I find some good looking guys most aggressive if rub them wrong away no its what I mean..very cocky in behavior they basely think they big shots because there good looks .

why are they like this. can any one explain

i have so many good looking guys like this even some plain looking guys act much the same


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  • It's because guys judge girls primarily on looks (that's a guy thing) and very stupid guys are used to thinking that girls judge guys in the same way that guys judge girls.

    (Good looking guys aren't always the brightest)

    So they think girls will judge them on their looks, because that's how they judge girls.

    • i know guy think that one good looking guy said to me being pig the only reason I liked him because he was good looking and it wasn't . yeah that good point to make you right there with that

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  • Its a maturity thing, girls are naturally more mature mentally than guys, so some think that if they act all hard and cocky, they will over ride this fact and come across as mature, not knowing that it makes them look stupid and un approachable, so just steer clear of these wimps, real men with looks would never rely on looks to attract, they rely on personality more than anything, x

  • I'm not good looking, in fact if you saw me you would poor acid on your eyes. And don't act like those

    cocky good looking guys aren't your type, we both know that ain't true.

  • Same reason some good looking females are...when they walk into a room and everyone swoons...they get a big head...it's dumb..a waste of time & energy..but people WILL put on airs...:S

  • it keeps their ego and self esteem up. The only thing that works for them is a challange. They want a girl that refuses them. But then again its a challenge, and once they succeed they will want another challenge.

    sounds like a headache to me.

  • Because it works?

  • Since females are attracted to a-holes, we act accordingly. Girls don't go after "nice boys", they go after guys that treat them like crap.

    • mr this is only general question about behavior in good looking not aiming this at any just general question. I saw this behavior while all males act like this by themselves even I saw it today good looking in shop acting in shop his works in eating the shop owner profits and relaxing with his 2 hand behinds his head the ones in shop telling him how he best looking guy around

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  • Because they have their heads stuck up their own ass.

    Those men aren't worh your time.

    All good looking men are not like this, its just that you've met the cocky ones (which deserved to be singled out).

  • Yeah...Why?

    I really don't know..but I tend to ignore them..I noticed they are self centered as f*** and are complete douche bags...

    Have you ever talked to a guy that literally criticized another girl in front of you..?

    like he said some stupid sh*t about the girl having a fupa...I was like really? Really dude?

    -_- I wasn't amused...I can't stand when they start talking about how sexy they look either.

    • you right but hard ingore good looking guy but are nasty very shallow self absorbed naristist they love themselves that very clear .i know one guy lads talk about shallow unreal