Why would a guy glare at a girl?

I saw this guy was just staring at me and glaring. I looked back but he's still with that same expression. Then afterward I could almost see the corners of his mouth turning up a bit. What's up with the mean look?


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  • are you really good looking ? maybe he was checking you out at some point . or you did something to upset him . maybe think harder what happened

    • I don't know. I didn't do anything.

    • I was putting on my jacket and I pulled my hair out to the front.

  • Because the pretty to look at. Most people try not to stare but some just don't care.

    • But I thought people normally smile at something pretty, not glare.

    • Maybe it's beyond being pretty so they glare. Do you mean like a hateful glare tho, or like a mesmerized glare?

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