Women what is the difference between hot, cute, and handsome?

So women what is the difference between them? What makes a guy hot vs cute? Does it go beyond the physical? Descriptions please...


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  • Handsome is strictly physical.

    We see a good looking guy, and think, "he's handsome".

    Cute is personality and character. Anything but physical.

    When a guy is shy, or funny, or dorky, or just.. being cute, we think "he's cute"

    Well that is just my definition. But other times when we see an attractive guy, we say "he's cute", just because "handsome" is a stronger word, than "cute". And maybe the guy we're looking at isn't really THAT good looking.. so cute would be the safest way to describe him.

    Handsome is mostly used when we see guys all dressed up, and formal. And smelling good :)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is...

    "Cute" guys could also be called "Handsome" at some occasions.

    Are you confused yet? :)


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  • Cute: You're going to have to convince me to take my clothes off, but it can happen.

    Handsome: Damn, you smile and my bra is a little too tight, can you help me take it off?

    Hot: My clothes spontaneously combusted. Dude, I am on fire, got a hose I can use?

  • Cute guys are attractive but they have a lot more substance to them than just being attractive. They are generally also smart and funny and charming. The lines between cute and hot tend to be blurred though because if a girl likes a cute guy, he will become the sexiest thing around in her eyes and he will become hot to her because she likes him. And then girls tend to have different opinions on which guys are hot and which are cute. It varies from girl to girl.

    Hot guys are generally so appealing that all we think about at first is doing physical things with them.

    If a girl calls a guy handsome it could be because she doesn't want to give him a huge ego boost by calling him hot. Or it could be because a guy has pretty features that are very masculine.

  • Cute = charming, may be a little quirky, doesn't have to be perfect or generic, should have 1 or 2 nice features, and usually smiles a lot...he can be on the small side too.

    Hot = manly man. Scruffy, 5 o'clock shadow, ripped, heartbreaker smile, nice eyes. Usually a taller guy, but definitely bulky. doesn't have to be perfect, just has to have style.

    Handsome = cologne ad...perfect features, especially nice face, chiseled cheekbones, delicate features. Can be tall but usually isn't that broad. It's a more "delicate, pretty boy" look.

    hope that helped!

  • Good question!

    Cute-usually accompanied by a good personality that makes them have a certain glow or appeal that makes you say aww! or just a sweet smile. There is something about cute guys that makes them seem more genuine and heartwarming which goes along with their good looks.

    Hot- seriously you just want to jump their bones. more like a sexual attraction to their body/face/image.

    Handsome- classically good-looking. can be hot but not usually in the cute category. more about the face and less about the body (but a good body does help). Everything is almost "fairy tale" good looking, as if he could be a model or you could picture him as prince charming.

  • lets see...

    hot: someone who is so sexually attractive

    cute: makes you wanna go "aww", cuddly, or just attractive in an innocent way

    handsome: someone good looking, charming, and possess an attractive aura to attract girls

    in some cases

    it does go past physical

    [like for a guy that's cute he could be shy]

  • To Me:

    Hot is very physically and sexually attractive, and often a swagger if you will in their personality.

    Handsome is very attractive, like typical "perfect" features, if that makes sense. Often only linked to looks.

    And cute, is good looking, maybe baby faced, or akward good looks, and a charming attitude.

  • To me, there is no difference.

  • hot:someone you is physically attractive. In my opinion muscular

    cute:good personality, and attractive, but he doesn't have to be. Its mostly the way he acts, it might be his shyness.

    handsome:Attractive, charming.


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  • GIRLS: Whom would you be more likely to date? Hot, cute, or handsome? (Based on the definitions given by the girls here.)

    • All three are equally satisfying in terms of long term attraction, but I would say that I could most likely call someone hot without having any plan to pursue them for dating. Cute guys are the most approachable. But in the end I like all three types equally, they just have to have a good person underneath!

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