What do guys consider "too much" makeup?

There this guy at work that seriously gets on my nerves...he's aways bugging me about my makeup! Like seriously! WTF?is his problem & why da hell would he care? He always makes commments & always ask me"why I wear so much makeup" I find it really offensive! I love makeup but I don't think I wear more makeup than any other girl...like I don't wear heavy eyeliner or heavy shawdow or foundation! I try to keep my makeup simple but I do love it! It just seriously bothers me! Like really what would make a guy say something like that! What do guys consider TOO MUCH Makeup? I mean most people always compliment me on my makeup...I just think it's an a**hole thing for a guy 2 say 2 a girl...is it suppose to be some kinda a**hole pick up line or something? I just think it's just as mean as being picked about weight...
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Thank you! All for all your comments...:-)
What do guys consider "too much" makeup?
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