GUYS: If a guy turns his head to look at you?

There is this guy. I walked past him 3 times. Every time, I walked past him, I saw that he turned his head to look at me. Do guys do this to most girls? Why would he do this?


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  • If your pretty our eyes will be drawn to you. We will just naturally look at you. ... We also like to watch you leave... Your butt ;)

    So yes most guys look at women when they walk past, even when in a relationship it's always nice to look at a pretty woman. We look at you because we like to look at you :)

    • Will you turn your head to look at a women even if she is unattractive?

    • Why not? A women is a women. And every man has a different opinion on who is beautiful, and who isn't. Not every guy prefers the dumb blonds that have big breasts. Seriously... I prefer a girl with a brain, and a nice personality. Looks aren't everything although it is key in attraction.

      As long as you look healthy and not like 400 pounds, or anorexic, or bulimic then I'd look at you.

      Even if you were like that I might look out of shock. I wouldn't say anything just glance.

What Girls Said 1

  • You walked past him three times consecutively? Yeah, I'd turn to look at you too if you kept walking by me...

    Haha, no, just kidding. Yes, he probably thinks you're pretty or something.

    • No I never walked past him 3 times consecutively, on 3 diffrent days.

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