Girls, how turned on or how differently do you think about a guy when you see him at the pool shirtless?

If the guy has a muscular body and a low bodyfat level, do you get turned on like how a guy does when he sees a hot girl in a bikini at the pool? Can you go from just thinking a guy is nice or alright to thinking he is hot if he looks good shirtless? Do you look at the pics on twitter or Facebook and drool like how guys will of a pretty girl they know in a bikini? lol

Girls, do you ever change your mind from thinking of a guy just as a friend to wanting more if he looks hot with his shirt off after seeing him for the first time?


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  • Yes of course (to all questions).

    • So have you ever started dating a guy or banging him based on seeing him shirtless?

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    • So how did that happen? Did you start flirting with him or ask him out?

    • Not really. I went on a holiday with a big group which he was apart of. I'd met him before but couldn't really remember him. One night when we were partying he took his shirt of and he was all ripped (naturally, he's super outdoorsy, not from the gym) & all us girls were perving on him. He's younger than me so it made him seem more manly lol. We flirted a bit and that night we slept in the same bed cos there was nowhere else (short of the floor). We snuggled, and the next day it led to more.

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  • if he has some muscles and just like stare and wish he doesn't put a shirt on ahah

    but I don't like shirtless fb pictures unless they are tagged on the,.

  • Well I do "appreciate" the pics that my crush puts on Facebook of him by the pool with no shirt on ;)

  • Well, exept the last question, the answers are YES.

    I think that the situation is the same with women just as it is wizh men and girld in bikin

    atleast with me and my friends...

    • So has it worked on you in person before where you started dating a guy or changed your mind about him?

  • No; I am not visually stimulated.

    • yea me neither, ill jus think that they hav a nice bod, but I won't fantasise over that.

    • So you don't lust after him like how guys do? What about all the girls on Facebook who post shirtless photos or watched that stripper movie? lol

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