Why do guys make fun of me?

There are these 3 guys who always make fun of me. I am in 8th grade and this has been going on since the beginning of 7th. There names are david, walker and patrick. They tease me and call me squirrel. They are fun to be around though. ahaha. Anyways, they have been telling me that Walker likes me. I do like him a lot too. So when me and my friends had a sleepover they told Patrick I liked him and he said Walker likes me too. So we are going to formal together. He has been a lot nicer to me and we actually have normal conversations. David and Patrick are still making fun of me. So why do guys always make fun of people? Does this deal with people they like or they just pick people to target?


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  • Guys teases you because they like you and want make every second memorable for u.

    Not only guys but in every friendship you will find some nicknames betn friend circle.

    So must take it very lightly.

    I too possess a awkward nick name.



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  • It's just playful teenage banter. I don't mean to sound "adult-like", but those guys make fun of you cause they like you. Not in the romance sense perhaps, but in the good friend type.

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